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Wheelock College Associate Professor of Human Development Tina DurandChair and Associate Professor Psychology and Human Development Department
School of Arts and Sciences
Email: tdurand@wheelock.edu
Phone: 617-879-2254
Office: Activities East 223G

Educational Degrees

B.A. (Early Childhood) 1990, Boston College
M.Ed. (Curriculum and Instruction) 1999, Lesley University
Ph.D. (Applied Developmental and Educational Psychology) 2005, Boston College

Dr. Durand is a developmental psychologist with a background in community-based programming for families, and elementary classroom teaching. Her research examines the school transition experiences of ethnic minority children, with a particular focus on the nature of Latino parent involvement in children's schooling, Latino parents' cultural beliefs about education, facilitating effective partnerships between schools and Latino families, and culturally relevant pedagogy. Her work has employed both quantitative (e.g. correlational studies of large and small-scale sets of secondary data) and qualitative (e.g., interview, observation, focus group, and participatory action) methods and analytic techniques, and has included children, parents/families, teachers, community members, and school administrators.

Durand is currently conducting a qualitative study of Puerto Rican middle school students' experiences with school context and ethnic climate in two communities: Roxbury and Worcester. She has developed and co-lead four service learning trips to the island of Puerto Rico with both graduate and undergraduate students, and is the Coordinator of the Wheelock Honors Program. During her tenure at Wheelock, she has been a recipient of both the Gordon Marshall Fellowship for scholarship and the Cynthia Longfellow Teaching Award for excellence in teaching.

Selected Publications

  • Durand, T. M. (2015). Home-school connections with Latino families. In W. G. Scarlett (Ed.). The SAGE encyclopedia of classroom management (pp. 382-385). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
  • Grant, B., Styles, M., Solomon, J., & Durand, T.M. (2014). Improving family engagement in school: A Collaborative partnership between Wheelock College and Boston Public Schools (Evaluation report of the Wheelock College, Aspire Institute Boston Family Engagement Partnership). Charlottesville, VA: Magnolia Consulting, LLC.
  • Durand, T. M., & Perez, N.A. (2013). Continuity and variability in the parental involvement and advocacy beliefs of Latino families of young children: Finding the potential for a collective voice. School Community Journal, 23(1), 49-79.
  • Durand, T. M. (2011). Latina mothers' cultural beliefs about their children, parental roles, and education: Implications for effective and empowering home-school partnerships. The Urban Review, 43(2), 255-278. DOI 10.1007/s11256-010-0167-5.
  • Durand, T. M. (2011). Latino parental involvement in kindergarten: Findings from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences, 33(4), 469-489.
  • Durand, T. M. (2010). Latina mothers school preparation activities and their relation to children's literacy skills in kindergarten. Journal of Latinos and Education, 9(3), 207-222.
  • Durand, T. M. (2010). Celebrating diversity in early care and education settings: Moving beyond the margins. Early Child Development and Care, 180(7), 835-848.
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  • Hauser-Cram, P., Durand, T. M. , & Warfield, M.E. (2007). Early feelings about school and later Academic outcomes of children with special needs living in poverty. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 22(2), 161-172.
  • Durand, T. M. & Lykes, M. B. (2006). Think globally, act locally: A global perspective on mobilizing adults for positive youth development. In P. L. Benson (Series Ed.) & J. Rhodes & G. Clary (Vol. Eds.), The Search Institute series on developmentally attentive community and society: Vol 3. Mobilizing adults for positive youth development: Strategies for closing the gap between beliefs and behavior (pp. 233-254). NY: Springer.

Selected Presentations

  • McDonough, K., Durand, T.M., Kim, G., & Williams, W. (2015, October). Embracing tensions in social justice teaching in a predominantly white institution. Panel discussion presented at the 15th annual Diversity Challenge, Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA.
  • Durand, T.M. (2015, March). Negotiating the boundaries of parental engagement and empowerment in schools: A qualitative study of urban teachers' perspectives. Paper presented at the 2015 biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Macdougal, A.B., & Durand, T. M. (2014, April). Educators' perspectives on inclusion practices in public elementary school classrooms: The United States and Barbados. Roundtable paper discussion presented at the annual meeting of the American Education Research Association, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Durand, T. M. (2014, April). Engagement as process: A participatory action partnership between schools, families, and a higher education setting. Roundtable paper discussion presented at the 17th International Roundtable on School, Family, and Community Partnerships, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Durand, T. M., & Yedlin, J. A. (2013, June). Mainland college students' reflections on language during service learning in Puerto Rico. In T.M. Durand (Chair), Examining discourses on race and language:A critical analysis of reflective journals in service learning courses. Paper symposium presented at the 2013 biennial meeting of the International Society for Language Studies, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • Kim, G. S., & Durand, T. M. (2013, August). Uncovering tensions: Teaching diversity in a developmental course for first-years students. In G. S. Kim (Chair), Infusing diversity into psychology curricula: Methods, resources, and challenges. Paper symposium presented at the 2013 annual meeting of the American Psychological Association, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Tavaras, C.T. & Durand, T.M (2012, April). Unexamined racial biases among white teachers: Utilizing critical multiculturalism to move from silence to empowerment. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Durand, T.M. (2011, April). Sources of continuity and variability in the parental involvement beliefs and practices of Latino families of young children. In T.M. Durand (Chair), Diverse conceptions of parental involvement and advocacy among Latino families of school-aged children. Paper symposium conducted at the 2011 biennial meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, Montreal, Canada.

Courses Taught

  • The Psychology of Race
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Research Methods
  • Puerto Rico Cross-Cultural Inquiry

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