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Dress for Success


  • Conservative blue, gray or black two-piece business suit.
  • Plain long-sleeved button down cotton shirt (professionally starched) over a traditional short sleeve white undershirt.
  • Tie should be conservative.
  • Shoes should be clean, polished and leather. Black wing-tips or lace-ups are best.
  • Dark socks (black is best) that are long enough not to show skin when crossing legs.
  • Get a haircut. If you have a beard or mustache that you are not willing to get rid of, they should be neatly trimmed.
  • Make sure your nails are trimmed and that they are clean.
  • No earrings.
  • Use little or no cologne.


  • Skirt or pants suit with a jacket in a conservative color (black, navy, gray, etc.). The skirt should be a little below the knee.
  • Long-sleeved blouse should be cotton or silk in a light color and have a conservative neckline.
  • Wear clothes that are timeless and not too tight or revealing.
  • Shoes should be closed toe flats or low heels in black or another solid dark color to match the suit.
  • Keep jewelry simple. Earrings, a single necklace or bracelet, an engagement or wedding ring.
  • If you wear nail polish, use clear or a conservative color and trim nails to a short length.
  • Minimal use of makeup in conservative tones.
  • Pantyhose should be flawless (no runs) and conservative in color.
  • Use little or no perfume.

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