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  • - Did I call or research online to confirm the name of the specific person I am sending the letter to?
  • - Does my letter look professional? (Matches my resume, quality paper, professional font, etc.)
  • - Is it written in the format of a business letter (10-12 font, date, address, signature, etc.)?
  • - Did I use a colon in the salutation, not a comma?
  • - Is it written in a natural tone with vocabulary that I am accustomed to using?
  • - Is it written in active, not passive voice?
  • - Does it expand upon my resume (not just repeat it)?
  • - Is it no more than one page?
  • - Is it customized to the employer?
  • - Is it positive, interesting and specific?
  • - Did I proofread carefully?
  • - Did I take the letter to the Center for Career and Professional Development for a critique?
  • - Did I sign the letter with blue or black pen?
  • - Did I keep a record of the letter so that I can follow-up with the employer on the date I indicated in the letter?

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