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Office of Career Services
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Kelly Graham, Director

Current Students, use MyCompass to make an appointment.


Alumni, contact Director Kelly Graham at or 617-879-2056.


As a faculty member or administrator, you are an important person in students' and alumni's Wheelock experiences. In addition to seeking your advice about courses, students may approach you for guidance about their career interests, job search, or professional goals. We welcome your contributions to students' and alumni's career development process and encourage you to become familiar with the services offered by the Office of Career Services. Our web pages provide you with information about services, and job search resources. In addition, we have provided you with information about ways in which you may support students' and alumni's career development, including guidelines for writing letters of recommendation.

Strategies for Supporting Students' and Alumni's Career Development

As faculty/administrators, there are several ways that you may become partner in students' and alumni's career development. Listed below are examples of ways you can help the career staff support students:

  • Encourage students to use the Office of Career Services early in their educational experiences. Students' experiences in the field beginning in their first semester of their first year create a natural progression for utilization of career services and resources. To support students at each stage of their career development, we have developed a framework that includes a checklist of tasks that corresponds with each undergraduate and graduate year. See the Graduate Framework. See the Undergraduate Framework.
  • Encourage students to take full advantage of our services and programs by:
    • Scheduling an individual appointment with the career staff
    • Dropping-in with quick questions
    • Attending career-sponsored programs
    • Visiting our Web site
    • Exploring the Student/Alumni Resource Area
  • Advertise career programs in your classes as a way to encourage students to attend.
  • Serve as references for students and alumni.
  • Invite the career staff to your classes to facilitate presentations designed to introduce students to services or job search topics, including resume development and interview strategies. To schedule a class presentation, please call 617-879-2299.
  • Send us relevant information about full-time, part-time, permanent, and temporary positions. Job announcements may be submitted via email to

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Guidelines for Writing Letters of Recommendation

When students and alumni begin their job search, they may approach you to write letters of recommendation or to serve as references to employers on their behalf.

Employers are interested in your evaluation of a candidate, including his/her written and verbal communication skills, ability to successfully complete projects, ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, and leadership qualities.

Below are suggestions for writing effective letters:

  • Explain your relationship to the candidate, i.e. faculty or field site supervisor. Specify under what circumstances you have worked with, supervised, or employed the candidate.
  • Include detailed explanations about the candidate's skills and work performance. Use examples to illustrate your comments.
  • Use Wheelock College letterhead. Seal envelopes and sign them across the flap.
  • Most letters are one page long. Letters rarely exceed two pages.

As you know, some employers or graduate programs request that you complete an evaluation form. In addition to following the guidelines provided on the form, you may attach a letter providing additional information.

Finally, keep a copy of the letter on file (electronic or hard copy). You will probably be asked to send out updated versions of your letter as the student/alum needs them.

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