The Writing Program: The Wheelock Literacy and Communication Exam

The Wheelock Literacy and Communication Exam (WLCE) is a test that measures the reading and writing skills necessary for college and career success, and it is part of a college-wide commitment to help every student write clearly and effectively. The exam consists of four sections. Once a student passes a particular section, the student has completed that section and does not need to ever take it again; once a student has passed all four sections, the student has met the College's WLCE requirement. The four sections are Spelling, Grammar & Mechanics, Summary, and Essay.

Completing the WLCE is a pre-requisite to many pre-practicum and practicum courses at Wheelock, and it is also a requirement for graduation from the College. Students should make every effort to complete the WLCE requirement by the end of their sophomore years.

The timeline for taking (and, if necessary, retaking) the various sections depends upon whether the student enters Wheelock as a first-year or transfers into the College. First-year students begin preparing for and taking the WLCE in their English 110 and English 111 courses, while transfer students are typically placed into Reading and Writing Seminars to help prepare them for the WLCE and take the exam for the first time during mid-term of their first semester at the College.

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