What's Happening in Academic Advising?

Information for New Students

Both new and current students can click here to access MyWheelock for important information, forms, and resources.

Academic Advising will be sending out electronic newsletters this summer to incoming first year students. We'll also have each Be Advised! newsletter available here once it has been sent out:

Summer Be Advised Newsletter - Issue 1 (PDF)

Summer Be Advised Newsletter - Issue 2 (PDF)

Summer Be Advised Newsletter - Issue 3 (PDF)

Here are some helpful resources for new and current students:

Guide to Introductory Math Courses (PDF)

FAQs for First Year Students (PDF)

FAQs for Transfer Students (PDF)

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The Office of Academic Advising looks forward to continuing to work with students this semester. The Office has a variety of events planned for students this semester, and always welcomes student feedback. Students should be reminded to keep in regular communication with their academic advisor, and to schedule an appointment if they have questions or need assistance.

Take a look at some of the advising programs and meetings that students can take advantage of this semester:

  • Wildcats Get R.E.A.L. About Majors: This three-part program is for first year and new transfer students. The R.E.A.L. acronym stands for Reflect. Engage. Ask. Learn. which is the basis for this major exploration program. This month-long program provides students with valuable resources and information as they explore the different majors and minors at Wheelock. Students are required to attend a reflection workshop, during which they will REFLECT on their academic interests and assess their own skills as they think about potential majors that they would like to pursue at Wheelock. The next part of the program is a major exploration conference during which students will ENGAGE with faculty and ASK questions about the different academic programs at the College. Students will have the opportunity to connect with other students and hear from faculty who teach in the various academic departments. The final part of the program is a major exploration fair during which students will LEARN more about the academic opportunities at Wheelock, including academic and student clubs, different campus offices, and they will also have the opportunity to declare their major(s) if they so choose. There will be food, raffle prizes, and lots of fun during the major exploration program! Students should contact their academic advisor with any questions.
  • Transition to Faculty Advisor Meetings: Most sophomore and some transfer students will be meeting with their academic advisor during the first half of the semester. During this meeting the academic advisor will discuss the student's transition to his/her faculty advisor. This is an exciting time for students as they prepare to take more classes within their major(s) and meet with their faculty advisor later in the semester. After Spring Break, students should plan to reach out to their new faculty advisor and set up a time to discuss course registration for the fall semester. Students should also plan to attend any programs or workshops within their academic departments. 
  • Minute Clinics: All undergraduate students are invited to stop by any (or all!) of the Minute Clinics that will be held this semester. This is an opportunity for students to get a quick advising question answered. Academic Advising looks forward to partnering with different campus offices to provide students with helpful information throughout the semester.
  • Student Advisors: New students should continue to reach out to their Student Advisor with any questions throughout the semester. Student Advisors are here to help, so reach out to them if you need anything.

Current students are encouraged to contact their academic advisor with any questions regarding these programs and meetings.

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