Course Catalog: Undergraduate Department of Child Life

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Paul Thayer, Co-Chair and Associate Professor
Claire White, Co-Chair and Assistant Professor
Catherine Donahue, Associate Professor
Suzanne Graca, Instructor
Ann Herzog, Instructor
Carolyn Kurker-Gallagher, Instructor

Available Programs of Study:

Minors, Child Health and Community Based Human Services
Dual Degree Program, BA/BS and Master of Science, Child Life and Family Centered Care

Minor in Community-based Human Services / 16 credits

The minor in Community-Based Human Services is a 16-credit program designed for juniors or seniors who plan to complete an Arts and Science major without a professional major or for students with a professional major, in consultation with their advisor. The program allows students to explore new professional directions that might lead to employment after graduation or to continued studies in graduate school. It consists of an Introductory course (CFS 340 Introduction to Community-Based Human Services), a practicum and seminar in human services (CFP 420 Practicum and Seminar in Human Services), and an additional 8 credits of selective courses. Courses used as selectives for this program may not count toward other degree requirements.

Course Requirements 8 credits

CFS 340 Introduction to Human Services (fall only)/4 cr

CFP 420 Practicum and Seminar in Human Services (spring only)/4 cr

Selective courses 8 credits

JJA 201 Intro to Juvenile Justice and Delinquency/4 cr

HDP 221 Family Theories /4 cr

HDP 223 Abnormal Psychology/4 cr

HDP 290 Children with Special Needs/4 cr

HDP 301 Counseling Psychology/4 cr

HDP 366 Adolescent Development/4 cr

HDP 379 Emotional Problems of Children/2 cr

HDP 380 Seminar in Emotional Problems of Children/2 cr

HDS 106 Sociology of Minority Groups /4 cr

PRO 275 AIDS and Addiction/2 cr

PRO276 Seminar in AIDS and Addiction/2cr

PRO 314 Child Neglect and Abuse /2 cr

PRO315 Seminar in Child Neglect and Abuse/2cr

PRO 342 Child Welfare /2 cr

PRO 344 Crisis Intervention/4 cr

SWK 345 Human Behavior and Social Environment/4 cr

Minor in Child Health/16 credits

The Child Health Minor is a 16 credit minor that is open to all students, including social work students interested in medical social work, and education students interested in health education. The child health minor provides students with an understanding of the healthcare needs and issues of children and their families. The child health minor is required of students enrolled in the dual degree child life program.

Course Requirements 12 credits

CLF 210 Child and Family Health Systems/4 cr

CLF 255 Children with Special Healthcare Needs/4 cr

CLF 257 Family Centered Healthcare/4 cr

Child Health Selective (choose one) 4 credits

HDS 225 Cross-cultural Perspectives on Health & Illness/4 cr

CFS 240 Helping Children Cope with Grief and Loss/4 cr

Dual Degree Program/Child Life Specialist/ 78 credits

The Child Life dual degree program combines a BS or BA degree in the Arts and Sciences, a child health minor, and a Master of Science degree in Child Life and Family-Centered Care. The Child Life program prepares child life specialists to work in inpatient, outpatient and community-based health care settings. Through the use of play and other forms of communication, the child life specialist functions as a member of the professional health care team to help reduce the stress of hospitalization, illness and health care procedures. Sensitivity to the emotional and developmental needs of children and families of diverse backgrounds is stressed as an important concern of this field.

Learning outcomes for the Child Life Specialist major:

Students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to assess needs of children under-going medical treatments and provide psychological preparation for stressful events;
  • Implement child life services using evidence-based practice;
  • Create an environment where play is valued;
  • Provide a safe, therapeutic, and healing environment for children and families

General Requirements

  • Must be a current Wheelock student Transfer students with more than 12 transfer credits should complete their arts and sciences major, the child health minor, and complete 100 hours of volunteer time, then apply to the regular graduate program in child life during their senior year.
  • After meeting with the Coordinator of the Undergraduate Child Life program, students apply* during the spring semester of their sophomore year for admission to the program.
  • Students are eligible to apply to enter the program after successful completion of both semesters of Human Growth and Development (HDP 130 and HDP 131 or HDP 120 - 123) with a grade of B- or better, successful completion of the Child and Family Health course (CLF 210) with a grade of B- or better, successful completion of all sections of the WLCE, and a minimum GPA of 2.67.

*Entry into the child life program is competitive and is by application only. Acceptance into the college does not guarantee admission into the child life program. . Each year many more students apply to this program than can be accepted. Students who are not accepted during their sophomore year can still complete the child health minor and complete the 100 hours of volunteer time in order to apply to the regular Master’s degree program in Child Life and Family Centered Care at the end of their senior year.

Students in the dual degree program must complete 134 under-graduate credits required for graduation from the college, including 16 credits to complete the child health minor, and an additional 30 graduate credits for completion of the MS degree.

**Students may be able to complete the program in only five years, but may elect to finish the program in six years. Students should work carefully with their advisor to plan a course of study that best meets their needs.

*** Minimum GPA—Students in the dual-degree program must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.67 (B-) and receive a minimum grade of B- in all child health and child life courses.

Undergraduate Course Requirements

Support Courses 0 credits

LSC 153 Human Biology/4 cr or

LSC 302 Human Diseases/4 cr

MAT 120 Quantitative Reasoning/4 cr

MAT 170 Statistics for Behavioral Sciences/4 cr or

MAT 255 Probability and Statistics/ 4 cr

HDP 362 Meaning & Development of Play/4 cr

Research Selective/4 cr

Minor in Child Health 16 credits

CLF 210 Child and Family Health Systems/4 cr

CLF 255 Children with Special Healthcare Needs/4 cr

CLF 257 Family Centered Healthcare/4 cr

Child Health Selective (choose one) 4 credits

HDS 225 Cross-cultural Perspectives on Health and Ill-ness/4 cr

CFS 240 Helping Children Cope with Grief and Loss/4 cr

Professional Courses 8 credits

CLF 350 Role of the Child Life Specialist/4 cr

CLF 421 Child Life Methods and Materials/4 cr

Selectives 4 credits

The selective requirement may be fulfilled by completing any course in Human Development (HD), Child and Family Studies (CFS) or Professional Studies (PRO), including the following suggested courses, provided the course has not been used to fulfill any other requirement.

EDU 331 Multicultural Picture Books/2 cr

EDU 332 Multicultural Chapter Books/2 cr

CFS 240 Helping Children Cope with Grief and Loss/4 cr

HDP 371 Humor and Child Development/4 cr

PRO 417 Welcoming LGBT Families in Education & Human Services/4 cr

Master of Science in Child Life and Family Centered Care/ 30 graduate credits

Required graduate coursework 9 credits

CLF 670 Clinical Issues in Child Life/3 cr

CLF 770 Child Life Program Development and Administration/3 cr

Research selective/3 cr

Human Development or Child and Family Studies Selectives
(choose two)/6 credits

Multicultural selective (choose one) 3 credits

CFS 632 Cross Cultural Perspectives on Grief/3 cr

PRO 517 Welcoming LGBT Families in Education & Human Services/3 cr

Professional Internship Courses 9 credits

CLP 671 Child Life Internship/Seminar I/6 cr

CLP 673 Clinical Experience & Seminar II: Child Health & Development/3 cr

Graduate Selective (choose one) 3 credits

CFS 614 Perspectives on Parenting/3 cr

CFS 617 Bereavement Care/3 cr

CFS 618 Contemporary Issues in Child and Family Studies/3 cr

CFS 622 Issues in Death and Dying/3 cr

CFS 630 Helping Children Cope with Stress/3 cr

EDU 531 Learning & Teaching Through the Arts/3 cr

CFS 737 Working with Parents/3 cr

SWK 670 Spirituality of Children & Families/3 cr

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