Course Catalog: Student Services at Wheelock College

The information and degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2015-2016 academic year.

Academic Advising and Assistance

Mary McCormack, Dean of Student Success

The Office of Academic Advising and Assistance (OAAA) provides academic advising, academic support programs and resources to help students achieve their educational, personal, and professional goals. OAAA coordinates all aspects of academic advising and academic support services for students. Through this office undergraduate students are assigned faculty advisors who assist them in planning their academic programs. The staff also provides academic advising and academic counseling on a walk-in basis, as well as by appointment.

Academic Support Services

OAAA also provides academic support services for students. Students who seek to improve their academic performance are encouraged to contact the Office. Among the support services provided by this office are peer tutors, writing consultants, academic counseling, study skills workshops, and services for students with disabilities. Peer Tutors are available free of charge to all students who need one-on-one academic assistance. Some tutors focus on broad skills (such as organization and time management) while other specialize in content areas. (See

For specific information about advising and support for the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure (MTEL) see

The Study Lounge is located in the Library building. The Study Lounge offers all students a comfortable place to study with access to peer tutors, writing consultants, academic resource materials, and computer technology.

The Wheelock College Writing Program

Gillian Devereux, Director of the Writing Center

The Writing Program consists of composition courses, support services, and literacy testing, all designed to assist Wheelock students with the writing they will be doing while at Wheelock and to prepare them for writing in both their careers and their roles as advocates for children and families. Elements of the writing program:

Wheelock College Composition Program

Scott Votel, Director of Composition Programs

The Composition Programs aim to provide students with the necessary literacy instruction and support to succeed in academic, professional, and civic environments. In addition to managing the introductory composition classes, the Program coordinates the Wheelock Literacy and Communication Exam (the WLCE), a literacy exam that is a basic college requirement. To assist students with all their writing needs, the Program offers a number of academic supports, including the Writing Center, WLCE tutoring, and individual professional tutoring through the Writing Coach Program.

Writing Consultations

Peer writing consultants are available in the Study Lounge (Library 205) to work with students on the writing of essays, projects, and other papers. Students can focus on any stage of the writing process, including generating ideas, pre-writing, drafting, and polishing, as well as on specific writing skills such as organization, development, mechanics, and opening and closing the paper. This service is free to all undergraduate and graduate Wheelock students.

Disability Services

Jennifer Pike

The mission of the Disability Services Program at Wheelock is to ensure that all qualified students with disabilities can participate appropriately in the college’s programs and services, to provide and coordinate the support to facilitate this participation, and to increase the level of disability awareness among all members of the college community.

In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, the College is committed to providing support services and reasonable accommodations on an individual basis to qualified students with documented disabilities. Auxiliary aids and services including, but not limited to, priority registration, modifications in examination proctoring, alternative format textbooks, note taking assistance, and tutoring may be provided. Students requiring these services are encouraged to contact the Coordinator of Disability and Support Services in Office of Academic Advising and Assistance.

Office of Financial Aid

Undergraduate Website:
Graduate Website:

The Office of Financial Assistance is a student-centered office dedicated to helping students understand the financial aid process, their financial aid package and alternative financing options. The office administers all types of federal, state, and institutional funding.

Student Life

Barbara Morgan, Dean of Students

The Division of Student Life encompasses the Office of Athletics, the Counseling Center, the Office of the Dean for Student Life, the Office of Residence Life and the Office of Student Activities. Student Life is your connection to the myriad of fun, engaging, enriching and intellectually stimulating opportunities available throughout the Wheelock community.


Dwight Datcher, Director

The goal of Wheelock College’s Department of Athletics is to create an environment that fosters athletic success, enhances the academic experience, and empowers athletes to strive for excellence in all they do. The college is committed to each and every student-athlete’s academic and athletic goals. Goal-setting and positive coaching is integrated into all of our varsity sport programs. In the 2015-2016 academic year, students will be able to participate in the following sports:

Men’s Women’s
Basketball Basketball
Cross Country Cross Country
Tennis Field Hockey
Soccer Lacrosse
Lacrosse Soccer
Track and Field Softball

Counseling Center

Eileen Thompson, M.S.W., LICSW, Director

The Wheelock Counseling Center, located in the Student Center, is dedicated to addressing the psychological needs of all students. The Counseling Center staff recognizes the college years as a time of intense development and growth, both academically and emotionally. The staff is available to help students clarify their needs and concerns and find ways to make healthy life choices. In addition, psychopharmacological consultation is available to students who are being seen in the Counseling Center.

The Counseling Center plays an integral role in fostering the mission of the college by providing the environment to explore oneself and one’s relationship to family, friends, partners, the college community and the world that surrounds. As personal growth flourishes, so will professional growth and success.

Students may be seen for a few appointments or for a longer period of time, as their needs dictate. When appropriate, students may be referred to other qualified professionals. All interviews are strictly confidential. Counseling Center services are available without charge to all undergraduate and graduate students. For more details, contact the Student Life Office or the Counseling Center, directly.

Health Services


The Wheelock College Student Health Program, located at the Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, 133 Brookline Avenue, Boston, provides routine primary and gynecological care to Wheelock undergraduate and resident graduate students.

While routine primary and gynecological care is covered by the Wheelock College Student Health Program, the Commonwealth requires students enrolled three-quarters time or more to be covered by a qualifying health insurance program. Any student who does not submit proof of enrollment in a qualifying program before registering for classes will automatically be enrolled in a program through the College and the charge will be added to the student’s account. No refunds or exceptions will be granted. Students who are not covered by a qualifying program may obtain coverage through an alternative program arranged by the College. This insurance plan does not duplicate the care provided by the Wheelock College Student Health Program at Harvard Vanguard. If specialty care is needed, students must use health insurance.

Students are invited to attend educational health and wellness programs throughout the academic year. Qualified professional staff speak on various topics, including street safety, relationships, addictions, safer sex, healthy eating and women’s health. The Student Life Office schedules and promotes these events

Residence Life

Darcy Dubois, Associate Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life & Student Leadership

The Office of Residence Life is committed to creating a residential community that supports a vibrant learning and living experience at Wheelock College. The Residence Life staff lives and works with students to build a community that engages in learning both in and out of the classroom; is respectful of all forms of discourse; welcomes all backgrounds, thoughts, and beliefs; challenges assumptions; fosters growth; and provides space for friendship and fun. One of the most important roles of the staff is to serve as a guide for students as they navigate the transitions and challenges they face at college.

Some of the services that our Resident Assistants (RAs) and our Resident Directors (RDs) provide are: social and academic programming for each floor and building, clear explanation and enforcement of the college’s policies and procedures, roommate conflict mediation, a sympathetic ear, and more.

Wheelock’s six residence halls — Longwood House, Peabody Hall, Pilgrim House, the Campus Center Student Residence (CCSR) building, Riverway House, and Colchester House — offer unique living environments. They vary in size, types of rooms, designations as coeducational or single-sex halls, and traditions. Each living environment is headed by professional Resident Directors and student Resident Assistants who represent and enforce the general philosophies and policies of the Office of Student Life. The unique characteristics of the halls are ensured through residence self-government, which allows house members to determine rules and regulations for their own community.

Rooms are either singles, doubles, triples, or quads, and each room in the residence halls is equipped with the following: a twin bed, a desk with a chair, dresser, blinds on the windows, an overhead light, smoke detectors, closet space (limited), and hook ups for cable TV. Each residence hall has some wireless connectivity—Riverway and the CCSR are entirely wireless, while the remaining residences have wireless connectivity in the common areas but require wired connection to the college network in the rooms. Each residence hall is smoke-free and has vending machines, television lounges with microwave ovens, and computer rooms. Laundry facilities are located in Peabody Hall, Riverway House, Pilgrim House (for residents of Pilgrim and Longwood), CCSR, and Colchester.

Public Safety


The mission of the Department of Public Safety is to provide a safe and secure environment in which Wheelock College students, faculty, staff, and guests may learn, work, and live. The department offers a number of services and systems, and operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The campus emergency phone number is (617) 879.2151.


All public safety personnel receive extensive training; are certified in first aid, CPR, and the use of automated external defibrillators (AED); and are very knowledgeable about the campus and Wheelock.

The Communications Center

The Public Safety Dispatch Center, located just inside Peabody Hall, 210 The Riverway, is staffed 24 hours a day by a trained communications professional. An access control system manages the various security devices located throughout the College and alerts the dispatcher to situations that require further attention. The dispatcher can direct immediate response for any breach of security or safety.

Building Access Policies

Residence Halls are locked 24 hours a day. Access is gained only by authorized personnel using their Wheelock College identification card in the card reader at the front entrance of each residence hall. All guests must be signed in at the Dispatch Center located in Peabody Hall and be escorted into the residence hall by their host. Escort policies vary during the school year according to schedules set up by the Office of Residence Life.

Academic and other non-residence buildings are open during regular business hours. On weekends and holidays, faculty, staff and students may be asked to check in with the dispatcher at the Dispatch Center located in Peabody Hall and show their Wheelock College identification card.

Card Access System

An access control management system is installed throughout the campus. The system’s primary function is to enhance the physical security of the buildings. Card readers are located at the front entrance of each residence hall and are accessed by students using their Wheelock College identification cards. Video surveillance is also part of card access at all main entrances and on the perimeter grounds of campus.

Emergency Phones

Exterior phones are located at the front entrances of each residence hall and at various locations throughout the campus. These phones may be used to dial any Wheelock College extension. Each phone also has an “Emergency” button that automatically dials the Dispatch Center when activated. The emergency phone system displays the exact location of the origin of the call to the Communications Officer who then dispatches a patrol unit to the scene.


Michelle Ormerod, Registrar

The Registrar is responsible for course registration, production of course schedules, issuing transcripts, verifying enrollment, processing grades, monitoring the degree status of students, evaluating transfer credits, issuing diplomas, supervision of Veterans Affairs, establishing the academic calendar, acting as a liaison for the College of the Fenway Consortium Cross-Registration Program, maintenance of permanent student academic records, and implementing academic policy as determined by the faculty of the College.

Student Records

The Registrar’s office maintains the academic transcript of each student. Academic transcripts are available to students upon written request. An official transcript bears the seal of the College and the signature of the Registrar. A transcript issued directly to a student is designated “Issued to Student.” To obtain a copy of his or her transcript, a student must complete the Transcript Request form available on the Wheelock College website or by submitting a request online through the National Student Loan Clearinghouse and paying the appropriate fee for each transcript requested. To obtain an official transcript, a student must also have satisfied his or her financial obligations to the College.

A file for every current student is maintained in the Office of Academic Records and Registration and in the Office of Academic Advising and Academic Assistance. Students may inspect these files upon request. The Registrar determines final degree eligibility as outlined by program requirements in the Wheelock College Catalog. Once a degree is conferred, no grades can be changed on a student’s record.

Offices of Field Experience and Social Work Field Education


Paul Akoury, Assistant Director of the Office of Field Experience

Devon Reber, Director of Social Work Field Education

A hallmark of a Wheelock College education is intensive and rich fieldwork. Undergraduate students do their field work primarily in the Boston, Brookline and Cambridge communities in more than 280 schools, hospitals, community agencies and programs. Graduate students have a wider geographic area for placements. All baccalaureate and master’s candidates in education programs complete at least one of their supervised experiences in an urban setting in one of the three partner communities, with the exception of a graduate candidate who is employed in another school district. In that case, the place of employment must meet the Wheelock requirements for a clinical site, including use of appropriate MA Curriculum Frameworks and State Common Core Standards and a diverse setting and be approved by the Field Experience office, in collaboration with department faculty. Both undergraduate and graduate social work students coordinate their field practicum through the Social Work Field Education office. This ensures that practicum sites and required supervision are compliant with accreditation and licensure guidelines.All placements reflect the College’s historic involvement in communities and the faculty’s belief in the importance of dynamic integration between theoretical and practical knowledge. Sites include infant and toddler settings, after-school programs, public schools, independent schools, hospitals, community health centers, substance abuse programs, special needs programs, early childhood centers, senior centers and district court and social services settings. From a student’s undergraduate first year through graduate work, Wheelock emphasizes learning about many cultures and affirming the strengths and collective wisdom that we all bring to society. Consistent with our Academic Guiding Principles, the College utilizes diverse and inclusive settings that build students’ capacity to become professionals who work effectively with all children and families.

Massachusetts requires certain agencies serving children and the elderly to conduct a Criminal Offender Record Inquiry (CORI) background check on all volunteers and staff. Students should be aware that schools, hospitals, community service agencies and other placement sites typically conduct a CORI, Department of Children and Families (DCF)and sometimes a Sex Offender Record Inquiry (SORI) background check on everyone working and volunteering at their site. Due to the nature of Wheelock’s curriculum and its requirements for placements at such sites, students should expect to participate in the CORI process.

Office of Career Services

Kelly Graham, Director
Career Services Website:

Because of Wheelock’s outstanding reputation, employers from around the country and the world seek Wheelock graduates for positions in education, social work, human development, juvenile justice and youth advocacy, the liberal arts, and child life.

Career Services empowers undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni to make informed career decisions through promoting the exploration of co-curricular, educational, and professional opportunities consistent with their interests, abilities, and values. The center strives to support students and alumni as they engage in their personal development as experts in their field.

The office serves all students enrolled in degree programs, as well as Wheelock alumni. Services available at Career Services include individual career counseling on topics ranging from self-assessment, choosing or changing a career, applying to graduate school, resume and cover letter reviews, and mock interviews. The office also provides a resource area in which students may access career reference materials related to specific Wheelock disciplines. Job listings, including part-time and full-time openings, as well as internship and volunteer opportunities, can be viewed through our online job posting site, Wheelock Works. The office in collaboration with a variety of faculty also initiate other programs, including career development workshops presented in the classroom. In addition, all students and alumni are invited and strongly encouraged to network and begin making vital connections in person with employers on the Wheelock College campus by participating in the annual Career Fair.

Wheelock College Library

Ann Glannon, Interim Director of Academic Resources

The Wheelock College Library houses several major specialized collections, and offers online access to numerous resources and services via the Library’s website. The Library’s collection of more than 84,000 print and physical items supports all disciplines in the College curriculum, with particular emphasis on children, families, human development, education, and cultural diversity. In addition, the Library provides online access to over 200,000 ebooks, 47,000 e-journals and 20,000 streaming videos. Items in all of the Library’s collections may be located using the online catalog, found on the Library’s website. The website also provides on-campus and remote access to databases and e-resources, research guides, video tutorials, and information to help with citation and writing. Interlibrary loan services may be used to request materials outside the Library’s collections. Librarians and trained staff are available to provide research assistance in person, by telephone, and via email or instant message. Research consultations are available to all students, faculty, and staff; connections to this and other forms of research help are available on the Library’s website.

Students enrolled in regional, national, international, or online programs have access to the Library’s online resources, and are encouraged to consult with Wheelock librarians by telephone, email, or instant message. Some distance learners also have borrowing privileges at contracted academic libraries in their local areas.

Library Consortia

The Wheelock College Library is a member of two library consortia. Fenway Libraries Online (FLO) is a group of ten area academic and museum libraries that share an integrated online catalog of their respective holdings. All of the member libraries collections are accessible through the FLO catalog on the Wheelock Library’s website. The Fenway Library Consortium (FLC) is a group of fifteen libraries in the Fenway area (including the ten FLO libraries) that grants students, faculty, and staff walk-in borrowing privileges. Further information is available at the Library website.

Computing, Printing and Equipment

The Library’s two computer laboratories, which also serve as classrooms, are located on the lower level of the Library building and are open during scheduled Library hours. Additional computers are available throughout the building and all have Internet access as well word processing, spreadsheet, statistical, design, and educational software programs. Wireless internet access is available throughout the building. Printer/copiers located on multiple floors of the building are available to the College community. The Library also has digital cameras, video cameras, and voice recorders available for check out.

The Earl Center for Learning and Innovation

The Earl Center for Learning and Innovation

Mary Ann Parker-O’Toole, Assistant Director

The Wheelock College Earl Center for Learning and Innovation is an educational workspace to explore, work, create, and connect college coursework to field experience. The materials and space provide opportunities to explore and construct activities and manipulatives for active learning and to present workshops and demonstrations.

The Center’s collections include more than1000 circulating items in the areas of child life, social work, and early and elementary education. Materials include kits and manipulatives, puppets, games, dolls and blocks, children’s magazines and videos, K-8 textbooks and curricula, and ‘big books’. There are also equipment and craft supplies available to create posters and projects for class presentations or to develop materials to use in practicum settings.

There is a wide range of technology available. Some of the equipment, such as technology stations with two display screens, are designed for collaborative work. There are flexible-designed areas with projectors and wall-mounted display screens. Laptops and tablets are available for loan. Other new technologies, such as a 3-D printer and Raspberry Pi kits, are available for students to explore academic uses of technology.

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