Graduate Department of Educational Studies

 The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2013-14 academic year.

MS/Educational Studies/30 credits

This program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a master's degree in education, but are not interested at this time in obtaining initial state licensure as a teacher. Students work with an academic advisor to develop a program of study that meets the student's academic and professional goals.

The program includes 17 credits of elective courses which allow the student to select from a number of courses, including one of the five advanced professional course (Advancing Science Content Knowledge in Grades 1-6, Advancing Mathematics Content Knowledge in Grades 1-6 ELL/ESL, Reading, or Special Education), the parenting education certificate program, the organizational leadership certificate program, or a combination of courses from different areas of study offered at Wheelock.

Core courses 13 credits
Human Development Selective/3 cr
Multicultural Selective/3 cr
Research Selective/3 cr
EDU 505 Racial and Cultural Identities/3 cr
EDU 704 Capstone: Educational Studies/1 cr
Elective Courses: 17 credits

Students work with an advisor to select courses in Elementary Education, Special Education, Language and Literacy, Early Childhood Education, Child and Family Studies, Social Work and/ or Organizational Leadership.

MS in Educational Studies: Achieving Excellence in Teaching Math and Science/30 Credits

The Educational Studies Master's Achieving Excellence in Teaching Math and Science is a fully online program. This is not an advanced math or science program. This 30-credit program engages adults in elementary level math and science content beyond the subject area knowledge required for beginning teachers seeking a first license.

The program advances content and pedagogical content knowledge to deepen knowledge and best teaching practices to advance every student's learning in these two STEM areas. This is not a full teacher preparation program and does not lead to an initial license. It provides continuing professional development for educators and others who work with elementary age students. For Massachusetts teachers who hold the initial license in Elementary (1-6), General Science (1-6), Mathematics (1-6), Early Childhood Teacher of Students with or without Disabilities (PreK-8), or Teacher of Students with Moderate Disabilities (PreK-8), This Master's degree can be used to advance that license to the professional level when all other state requirements have been met.

MS in Educational Studies: Peace Corps Masters International/30 Credits

Wheelock College partners with the Peace Corps to offer the Master's International (MI) Program. This 30-credit master's program begins with one year of courses completed on the Wheelock campus. Courses include human development, multiculturalism, research, and a 12-credit elective area of focus. The elective area of focus helps students design a flexible and creative field study project that is sustainable and meets requirements of their local host country.

Courses can be taken from a variety of programs such as: Reading or ESL, Integrated Elementary and Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Child Life, Social Work or Organizational Leadership. Upon completion of a majority of their coursework, students will enroll in 8 credits of field study during their two years of Peace Corps service (4 credits per year of service). These 8 credits are at no cost to the MI student. Peace Corps service is an integral part of the academic program, as it will be the focus of students' required field study project. The 12-credit focus for electives will be dependent on the student's own interests and what they would like to learn, research, and reflect upon while abroad.

Examples of Peace Corps field study projects which are co-developed with host country colleagues could include a women's literacy program, a youth sports program, a girls' reading club, or working with children with special needs. The 12-credit focus for electives could also be fulfilled by completing one of the advanced professional clusters (special education, teaching reading, ESL) The PC MI Program concludes with a 1-credit capstone course at Wheelock upon the student's return. In this course, students compile their portfolio and present it to the Wheelock and Peace Corps community.

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