Course Catalog: Theatre Arts Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2016-2017 academic year.

THE 115
Moving Our Minds
4 credits

Explores critical and creative thinking through the art of dance. Studies how dance has affected societies and individual lives through history, including consideration of folk, cultural, and art dance. Analysis, research, synthesis of information, and other critical thinking skills are explicitly addressed. Typically offered as a First-year Seminar. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Introductory.

THE 123
Public Speaking
4 credits

Explores basic principles, techniques of effective speaking. Develops communication, discussion, speech writing, interpretation, de-livery, critical analysis skills. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Introductory.

THE 126
Introduction to Theatre
4 credits

Introduces theatre as collaborative art form. Surveys history of Western theatre. Explores theatre art, practice. Requires participation in Wheelock Family Theatre. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Introductory.

THE 203
4 credits

Explores ways of expressing creative potential within theatre discipline. Develops self-awareness. Strengthens problem-solving skills through individual and group exercises in gesture, movement, mime, dialogue. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

THE 205
4 credits

Explores basic acting techniques. Uses exercises in observation, concentration, emotional recall, imagination as basis for character development. Develops voice and body as tools for creating a role. Culminates in performance of monologues and scenes. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

THE 209
History of Dramatic Literature
4 credits

Surveys broad range of dramatic literature through study of representative plays and playwrights, including Sophocles, Euripides, Shakespeare, O’Neill, Williams. Emphasizes influence of earlier periods on modern drama. General Education: Creativity and the Arts OR Languages and Literatures. Intermediate.

THE 215
Modern Drama
4 credits

Studies the works of such playwrights as Ibsen, Chekhov, Hell-man, Miller, Wilson, Kushner. Textual analysis focuses on dramatic structure, character development, thematic content. General Education: Creativity and the Arts OR Languages and Literatures. Intermediate

THE 220
History of Musical Theatre
4 credits

Studies music, lyrics, texts written for European and American stage. Focuses on opera and the mature musical. Includes participation in/observation of Wheelock Family Theatre musical production. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

THE 225
Staged Readings
4 credits

Explores theatre techniques to illuminate literature. Uses poetry, fiction, nonfiction, plays. Emphasizes textual analysis for group presentation. Culminates in performance of student-generated scripts. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

THE 235/MUS 235
Jazz Dance
4 Credits

Focuses on developing proper alignment, refining style, enhancing phrasing and developing strength. Studies jazz’s influential people and its history, including African-American influences, Jack Cole, Alvin Ailey, Jerome Robbins, Bob Fosse, Hollywood, and Broad-way. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. For the intermediate dancer. Intermediate.

THE 238
African-American Theatre
4 credits

Surveys history of African-American theatre from time of Ira Aldridge to present day. Includes study of Harlem Renaissance playwrights and African-American actors, actresses, directors. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity and Creativity and the Arts or Languages and Literatures. Intermediate.

THE 242
4 credits

Study Shakespeare’s plays through character analysis, evaluation, performance. Emphasizes his views on life, death, love, politics, evil, ambition; his insight into human nature, his relevance today. Texts include Romeo and Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, Macbeth, Twelfth Night. General Education: Creativity and the Arts or Languages and Literatures. Intermediate.

THE 245
Theater Design and Production
4 credits

Uses the sequence of events that move a play from a script to live performance to explore the theatrical design and production elements of scenery, costumes, lighting, sound, makeup, and proper-ties involved in mounting a play. Students will participate in building and running a production. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

THE 248
4 credits

Develops skills for writing for the stage. Students learn theory and principles of playwriting, practice methods for developing dramatic work through journals, improvisations, observation and learn about resources for playwrights. Students write one-act plays as final assignment. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Pre-requisite ENG 120. Intermediate.

THE 277
Movement and Drama for Children
4 credits

Explores value of creative drama for primary-aged children in varied settings. Develops skills, techniques needed to implement, evaluate drama activities that enhance self-expression, build self-esteem, community. Investigates drama’s role as vehicle for teaching, learning. Prerequisite: junior or senior Status. Offered: spring. Intermediate.

THE 280
Clowning for Social Change
4 credits

Explores the fun, freedom and power of clowning. Learn and per-form silent interactional street clowning. Introduces history and types/styles of clowning in various cultures, emphasizing contemporary clowning for sociopolitical change. Research the role of clowning in community education, medical services, and movements for social justice. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

THE 310
Story Theatre
4 credits

Prepares, tours, and presents dramatizations of children’s literature in a variety of settings. Explores aspects of theatre management such as booking engagements, public relations. Prerequisites: one theatre performance class, permission of instructor. Advanced.

THE 350
Directing Plays
4 credits

Explores the role of the theatre director from interpreting a script to working with designers, blocking the play and coaching actors. Observe professional directors at work, cast, stage and rehearse scenes. Select from classic and contemporary plays. Prerequisite: one Theater course, permission of instructor. Advanced.

THE 351
Learning and Teaching through the Arts
4 credits

Analyzes the creative processes through the visual arts, music, movement, drama, and dance. Examine current literature in creativity, multiple intelligences theory, and the arts. Bridge the gap between theory and practice in order to effectively integrate the arts into a classroom or workplace setting. Combines experiential learning with readings, reflective assignments, and discussions. Typically Offered for Singapore program only.

THE 352
Immersion and Integration through Drama
1 credit

Covers movement, the use of drama to develop speaking and listening skills, and the use of drama as an alternative assessment tool in 15 hours of workshop sessions with the Wheelock Family Theatre. Participants learn drama-based student observation and assessment skills and connect drama to leadership skills through scene work, improvisation, and observation. Offered for Singapore program only.

THE 405
Acting II
4 credits

Explores characterization and styles of acting. Investigates various acting techniques such as Laban, Meisner, Grotowski, and others. Applies techniques to different styles, acting from Greek and Shakespeare to Beckett and Kesselman. Culminates in performance of final scenes from the classical canon of plays. Prerequisite: Either THE 205 Acting or THE 203, or by permission of the instructor. Advanced.

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