Course Catalog: Research Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2015-2016 academic year.

RES 651
Action Research I
1 credit

Introduces use of scientific inquiry and research methodology to study questions arising from practice and/or policies. Students initiate a research project and complete it the following semester in RES 652. Research and professional writing skills are developed. Corequisite: Taken sequentially with RES 652 to fulfill core requirement in research.

RES 652
Action Research II
2 credits

Advances student-designed research projects conceptualized in RES 651. Final projects include use of relevant theories, a literature review, discussion of research methods, and analysis of data that was collected. Corequisite: Taken sequentially with RES 651 to fulfill core requirement in research.

RES 722
Research in Language and Literacy
3 credits

Introduces varied approaches to language and literacy research. Provides experience with qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis. Participants prepare analyses of assessment data and write research briefs for other teachers. Based on questions from their practice, students summarize existing literature and prepare a research proposal. Prerequisite: one graduate course in Language and Literacy or permission of the instructor; fulfills core requirement in research.

RES 723
Practitioner as Researcher
3 credits

Involves designing and implementing a research project that answers own question about site-based practice. Published practitioner research is reviewed. Examines research as a collaborative process that supports constituent, researcher, institutional and societal development.

RES 725
Research Methods
3 credits

Exploration of alternate research methods and paradigms to answer questions in education and children’s services. Topics include formulating research questions and related hypotheses, analysis of published research, sampling, selection of instruments, research ethics, and data analysis. Preparation of individual research proposal culminating project. Fulfills core requirement in research.

RES 905
Capstone Research
3 credits

Finalize and present the outcomes of the Action Research project designed during RES 723. Offers opportunities for feedback and planning for future dissemination and follow-up of research findings. Serves as capstone course for Master’s program. Prerequisites: RES 723 AND RES 725. Offered in Singapore programs only.

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