Political Science and Global Studies Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2014-15 academic year.

PSG 101
Issues in Globalization
4 credits
Explores the basics of Globalization: what it is and how to understand it as an economic, political and cultural phenomenon. Analyses what ‘globalization’ means in practice, and why it takes the form it does and places the global economy in its historical context, and considers political and institutional factors. General Education: Self and Society or Ethics and Social Justice. Introductory.

Anthropology and Globalization
4 credits
Introduces the diversities and similarities of cultures throughout the world from simple homogeneous groups to complex contemporary civilizations, including our own. Emphasis will be placed on the development of personality and the role of the family in the total cultural complex. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity and Self and Society or Ethics and Social Justice. Introductory.

PSG 130
Women and Globalization
4 credits
Explores globalization as a gendered process and a discourse on gender. The course critically analyses the subordination of women as a consistent feature of globalization. Utilizing and critiquing multiple theoretical frameworks, we take historical and social/cultural approaches to studying the role of women in the modern world system. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity and Self and Society or Ethics and Social Justice. Introductory.

PSG 135
Bombs and Bombshells
4 credits
Delve into the world of “Black Widows” and “Demon Lovers.” Using empirical research, case studies, and drama, course separates fact from fiction to examine the motivations, forms and conditions under which women behave violently. Focus areas include: gender and violence, recruitment and suicide bombers. General Education: Fulfills Ethics and Social Justice and Perspectives on Diversity. Introductory.

PSG 220
Issues in Policy, Law and Gender
4 credits
Combating pornography, sexual harassment, domestic violence and other forms of oppression takes place on the streets and through legislations. Explore the pathways to victories on gay marriage, equal pay and reproductive rights, and learn what obstacles remain for those groups whose equal rights have been denied. General Education: Fulfills Perspectives on Diversity and Upper Level Writing (after ENG 111). Also fulfills Ethics and Social Justice or Self and Society. Limited to juniors and seniors only. Intermediate.

PSG/HDA 226 (Formerly HDS 225)
Perspectives on Global Health
4 credits
Explores the social and cultural aspects of health and illness. Emphasis on the varied ways that illness is defined and treated throughout the world. Readings draw upon the disciplines of sociology and anthropology. Topics include witchcraft, faith-healing, and alternative medicine in the U.S.. Special focus on the inequities of health care and outcomes. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity and Self and Society or Ethics and Social Justice. Intermediate.

PSG 230
LGTB Politics in Film
4 credits
Explores the complications and advantages of increased media exposure and visibility and problematize what these representations tell us about politics more generally. Drawing on scholarship from sociology, politics, psychology and history the course considers the interrelationships between the social constructs of sexuality, representations, gay marriage, AIDS, transnational identities, pivotal court cases, social movements and violence. Open to sophomores and above. General Education: Fulfills Self and Society AND Perspectives on Diversity. Intermediate.

PSG 235
Theory and Practice of Conflict Resolution
4 credits
Explore the world’s bloodiest wars, nagging conflicts and ongoing hostilities while learning tactics to prevent and resolve them. From the conflicts in Northern Ireland, South Africa, Israel and Palestine to the Sudan, students actively participate in solving simulated conflicts and learn lessons from cases where resolution efforts have tragically failed. Open to Sophomores and above. General Education: Fulfills Perspectives on Diversity. Also fulfills Ethics and Social Justice OR Self and Society.

PSG 240
Social Movements
4 credits
Examines contexts where legislative attempts for change fail and grassroots movements emerge to influence change. Critically examines movements such as the uprisings in Egypt, LGBT movements and the US civil rights movement. General Education: Fulfills Upper Level Writing. Also fulfills Historical Perspectives or Ethics and Social Justice. Intermediate.

PSG 250
Politics of Sex Trafficking
4 credits
Explores the global sex trafficking industry and impact on victims, consumers and culture. Examines the historical, economic, political and gendered dynamics of the industry, and the ways organizations work to combat the problem. Focus on the activism of survivors working to end the demand for trafficked women and children. Intermediate.

Globalization and Human Rights
4 credits
Explores the processes and outcomes of globalization and analyzes basic Human Rights literature and its application to the global economy. Students will also discover how their daily actions and interactions impact the lives of others, particularly those in impoverished nations. Prerequisite: HDP 120-121, 122-123 or HDP 124-125, 126-127. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity and Self and Society or Ethics and Social Justice. Advanced. 

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