Course Catalog: Leadership, Policy and Administration Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2015-2016 academic year.

LPA 706
Role of the Mentor Teacher
3 credits

Topics include: observation, communication, supervising and mentoring skills; adult development and learning; knowledge about teaching, learning and curriculum; and societal changes. Examines issues such as selecting and assigning mentors, differentiating teacher roles, empowering teachers, evaluation responsibilities, resource and time allocation and coordination for mentoring. Prerequisite: two or more years of teaching experience in grades N-6.

LPA 720
Leadership for Organizational Change in Educational Settings
3 credits)

Examines organizational models and systems theory in educational settings. A focus on strategic planning and effective management and leadership will develop participants’ ability to manage group dynamics and mentoring, as well as promote positive organizational change. Learners will apply theories of organization through the use of case studies and field experiences. Offered in Singapore programs only.

LPA 806
Financial/Legal Aspects of Admin in ECE
2 credits

Designed for directors and teachers, addresses the fiscal and legal aspects of program administration. Topics include liability, informed consent, confidentiality, insurance, use of technology, cash flow and break even analysis, accessing an sustaining multiple funding sources, and how to control expenditures and maintains balanced budgets.

LPA 807
Human Side of Administration in ECE
2 credits

Designed for directors and aspiring directors, this course explores the human side of administration in early education and care programs. Topics include theories of organizational development, communication and collaboration with diverse staff and families, problem solving and conflict resolution, recruitment, hiring, supportive supervision and evaluation, team building and professional development.

LPA 824
Collaboration with Diverse Families in Early Education and Care
2 credits

Supports program directors, teachers and providers to improve quality for children and families served.  Elements of quality include culturally competent practices, effective communication, inclusion, shared vision and mission statements.  Approaches focus on leadership, use of technology, work/family issues, and the program’s role in community support systems for diverse families.

LPA 852
Director to Director Mentoring
3 credits

Prepares existing leaders to mentor adults across roles in a professional context. Theory informs skill development for effective applications. Transformation is based on assets and needs assessments and content-focused approaches. Areas of knowledge include reflective practices, adult development, diverse learning styles, culturally competent relationship building and processes of change This course meets EEC staff qualifications for Director I. Prerequisites: LPA 792, 806, 807, and 824.

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