Course Catalog: Reading/Language and Literacy Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2015-2016 academic year.

RDG 525
Adolescent Literacy
3 credits

Examines cognitive, social and language understandings that older readers draw on to make sense of different kinds of texts. Focuses on metacognitive processes, vocabulary and background know ledge in later reading comprehension. Develops assessment strategies for identifying readers’ strengths and vulnerabilities through small group or tutorial intervention.

RDG 530
Teaching Literacy to English Language Learners
3 credits

Addresses factors affecting literacy development and instruction of ELLs learning to read and write in English. Develops skills in assessing components of learners’ reading and writing competence; teaching early, later and advanced reading skills; lesson planning; progress monitoring. Participants implement an assessment and tutoring project with an ELL student.

RDG 535/ EDU 335
Reading Theory and Practice
0 credits

Consolidates professional background in theory and practice of teaching reading in grades Pre-K- 8. Addresses core concepts and instructional practices for phonological and phonemic awareness, emergent literacy, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and reading assessment. Builds upon the professional knowledge developed in EDU 327, EDU 337 or RDG 537. Prerequisite: EDU 327 or EDU 337 or RDG 537.

RDG 537
Teaching Reading
3 credits

Analyzes stages of reading development in grades Pre K-8.  Focuses on phonological awareness, print concepts, word identification, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.  Participants administer literacy assessments to children, interpret assessment data, and plan engaging, small group instruction.

RDG 558
Multicultural Children’s Literature
3 credits

Introduces broad range of multicultural literature. Focuses on criteria for making appropriate book selections. Examines literary theme and genre. Explores strategies for using children’s literature to promote literacy development.

RDG 560
African American Children’s Literature
3 credits

Examines children’s literature written by and about African Americans. Explores the literature’s cultural and historical context. Discusses strategies for using the literature effectively with children to enhance their literacy development.

RDG 568
Developing Young Writers
3 credits

Introduces current research and theories about children’s writing development. Examines instructional practices for fostering writing abilities in a variety of genres including poetry, narrative, and exposition.

RDG 601
Multisensory Approaches for Teaching Literacy
3 credits

Provides theoretical constructs in multisensory literacy approaches to aid the reading specialist, special educator, or classroom teacher meet the complex challenges in instructing students with language-based learning differences. Includes introduction to the Wilson Language Program and the Lindamood-Bell Lips and Visualizing and Verbalizing programs. Prerequisites: RDG 537 or permission of the instructor.

RDG 616
Assessment of Reading and Writing
3 credits

Surveys traditional and innovative approaches to assessing reading, writing, and oral language: teacher checklists, standardized tests, rubrics, portfolios, and work samples. Utilizes case studies of children ages 4-10. Develops skill at making instructional decisions based on assessment data.

RDG 618
Literacy Across the Curriculum
3 credits

Examines reading comprehension, writing, and vocabulary skills critical for success in academic content areas. Investigates the impact of text difficulty, background knowledge, and understanding of text structure on comprehension of nonfiction text. Develops skill at teaching vocabulary, metacognitive, and study skills in the context of theme-based units.

RDG 622
Individualized Instruction in Literacy
3 credits

Develops skill at diagnosing literacy needs through formal and informal assessments and planning research-based instruction. Twice-weekly tutorial sessions with struggling emergent readers in an off-campus laboratory setting. Emphasizes importance of readers’ cultural and linguistic backgrounds. (Requires permission of the instructor).

RDG 626
Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Problems
3 credits

Extends competencies developed in RDG 622 in closely mentored, twice-weekly tutorials with struggling readers in upper elementary grades. Emphasizes design of instruction based on careful diagnosis of literacy needs. Develops literacy leadership skills. Prerequisite: RDG 622; permission of the instructor.

RDP 609
Teacher of Reading Practicum
3 credits

150-hour supervised practicum in the role of teacher of reading, incorporating assessment, small group work, resource development, coaching and professional development, and outreach to parents. Seminar provides opportunities for critical reflection on practice and explores multiple roles of reading specialists. Prerequisites: RDG 622; requires permission of the instructor. Required of and restricted to students enrolled in the Teacher of Reading licensure program.

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