Course Catalog: Humanities Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2016-2017 academic year.

Anthropology and Globalization
4 credits

Introduces the diversities and similarities of cultures throughout the world from simple homogeneous groups to complex contemporary civilizations, including our own. Emphasis will be placed on the development of personality and the role of the family in the total cultural complex. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity, also Self and Society or Ethics and Social Justice. Introductory.

Anthropology of American Men
4 Credits

Examines the social and cultural construction of masculinity in the United States using the theories and methods of Anthropology. Topics include race, class, ethnicity, and religion; popular images of American men (e.g., movies, magazines, sports, jokes); relation-ship of US manhood to sexuality, war, and women. Some comparison to other cultures. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity, Self and Society or Historical Perspectives. Intermediate.

HDA/PSG 226 (formerly HDS 225)
Perspectives on Global Health
4 credits

Explores the social and cultural aspects of health and illness. Emphasis is on the varied ways that illness is defined and treated throughout the world. Readings draw upon the disciplines of sociology and anthropology. Topics include witchcraft, faith-healing, and alternative medicine in the U.S. Special focus on the inequities of health care and outcomes. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity, Self and Society or Ethics and Social Justice. Intermediate.

HDA 256
Sex and Culture
4 credits

Analyzes how culture, gender relationships, social power deferences, and human physiology shape how we define sex, sexual, and sexuality in American culture. Explores how the ‘’science’’ of human sexuality is used to reproduce and reinforce inequalities. Draws on sociological, anthropological and sociobiological theories. Intermediate.

Religion in America
4 credits

Investigates different religious traditions in the United States, past and present, while studying social science theories of religion. Topics include: Why does religion exist; how different religions assimilate or resist citizenship; the tension between “religious freedom” and the “common good”; consumerism and religion; religions in Boston; what does religion do for us that so many Americans are religious; does truth matter, and are there ‘fake’ religions? General Education: Perspectives on Diversity. Historical Perspectives or Self and Society. Intermediate.

HDA 266
Anthropology and the Family
4 credits

Investigates the organizations, functions and diversity of families in selected non-Western societies and in the United States. . Focus-es on marriage, kinship, childhood, parenting, gender, motherhood, and fatherhood. farming societies, and market based societies. Pre-requisite: HDP 120-121 or HDP 130. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity, Self and Society or Historical Perspectives. Intermediate.

Globalization and Human Rights
4 credits

Explores the processes and outcomes of globalization and analyzes basic Human Rights literature and its application to the global economy. Students will also discover how their daily actions and interactions impact the lives of others, particularly those in impoverished nations. Prerequisite: HDP 120-121, 122-123 or HDP 130-131. General Education: Perspectives on Diversity and Self and Society OR Ethics and Social Justice. Advanced.

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