Course Catalog: Humanities Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2015-2016 academic year.

For descriptions of courses for constructing the Humanities major in addition to those given here, refer to History, Literature, and Philosophy.

HUM 125
Citizenship in Context
4 credits

Explores dynamics of citizenship that influence professional and personal lives of students. Analyzes governmental systems to understand their origins, contexts and efficacy through history, literature and philosophy. Through readings and papers, students develop definitions of citizenship, research contemporary issues, and design advocacy plans on and issue of their choosing. General Education: Foundations of Critical Thinking. Also fulfills Self and Society or Ethics and Social Justice. Introductory.

HUM 201
Introduction to the Humanities
4 credits

Introduces study of the Humanities by exploring history, literature, religion, philosophy, and art history. Beginning with early human societies, considers the human impulse to create art, explore morality, tell stories, preserve memories, understand the physical universe, and find meaning in human life. Uses “Worldviews” approach to study diverse roots of modern cultures. General Education: Historical Perspectives or Languages and Literature. Intermediate.

HUM 210
Russian History through Literature
4 credits

Focuses on events (starting in the 1860s) surrounding the Russian Revolution and culminating in the fall of the Soviet Union. Explores the relationship between Russian history and literature through selected works, including novels, memoirs, short stories, poems, and historical essays. Authors to be considered include Turgenev, Bulgakov, Akhmatova, and Babel. General Education: Upper Level Writing (after ENG121), and Historical Perspectives or Languages and Literatures.

HUM 450
Research Seminar in the Humanities
4 credits

Integrates study in Humanities through intensive study of a specific period or culture. Students work in the history, literature, and philosophy of a period, read a significant work in each area, and write a paper on a topic from the period. Prerequisite: one advanced course in the Focus, or permission of the instructors. Required of seniors majoring in the Humanities. Advanced.

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