Course Catalog: Communications Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2015-2016 academic year.

COM 101
Introduction to Media Production
4 credits

Discover the basics of digital media production, including graphic design, digital photography, video production, and digital music production. Students will learn to plan and complete a project from pre-production to finish. Students will learn software skills for media production including Adobe Photoshop, In Design, and Final Cut. Introductory.

COM 140
Media and Race in American Society
4 credits

Introduction to a multicultural analysis of media theory, content, and effects. Explores how racial and racist perceptions of people of color shape cultural norms, attitudes, and practices. Course will cover a wide range of media forms such as Hip-Hop, advertisements, movies, and reality TV. General Education: Self and Society and Perspectives on Diversity. Introductory.

COM 150
Communication, Persuasion, and Propaganda
4 credits

Examines the ways that people communication and the impact that communication messages have on our selves, communities, and society. Students will be introduced to the communication process, explore interpersonal and group communication, gain a better understanding of how rhetoric is used to shape social norms, and political realities. General Education: Self and Society. Introductory.

COM 210
Video Production I
4 credits

Learn to produce digital video for TV web and mobile from project conception to completion. Practice camera operation in field and on location settings. Learn techniques for producing a variety of video formats, and will demonstrate learning by writing, shooting and editing several short form videos. Prerequisite: COM 101 or permission of the instructor. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

COM 224
Designing the Digital Image
4 credits

Introduces computer imaging and its capacity to design and control the two-dimensional page. Through use of various two-dimensional imaging software applications, students learn to manipulate photographs, compose with text, and develop image concepts in the digital arena. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Intermediate.

COM 230
New Media Production I
4 credits

Engage in the interactive world of new media with this hands-on production course. Learn to integrate web design, text, animation and video to create interactive user experiences for web and mobile devices. Complete digital media projects from concept to completion using Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and more. Intermediate.

COM 245
Animation and Motion Graphics
4 credits

Learn the basic tools and applications for creating digital animations and motion graphics for digital video and web productions. Includes an introduction to Flash and Motion. Produce animated shorts, motion projects, and credits for digital video and integrate work together in Final Cut. Previous coursework in digital media suggested, but not required. Intermediate.

COM 250
Apocalyptic America
4 credits

Delve into the dark world of post-apocalyptic America through contemporary media. Explore depictions of the end times using a critical eye to understand underlying media messages. Understand what movies about the apocalypse tell us about the challenges of health, identity, nationality and environmental balance we face. Prerequisites: COM 140, 150, HDS 105 or LIT 180. Intermediate.

COM 255
Media Literacy for Children and Youth
4 credits

Learn the best practices for teaching media literacy to children and teens. Explore pedagogical approaches to teaching youth to use and understand media, discover strategies for working with children that are age appropriate and engaging, and develop skills in creating curricula and delivering media education in classroom and community settings. Fulfills Communications Media Literacy requirement. Intermediate.

COM 265
The African Diaspora Speaks
4 credits

Explores representation of African people created around the world in film and new media that is redefining African identity. Examine modern voices of the African Diaspora and how they are reshaping our understanding of the experiences of people of African descent. Connect modern media across the Diaspora to power, politics and resistance. Intermediate.

COM 410
Video Production 2
4 credits

Advance understanding and ability in video production with an emphasis on dramatic and short documentary pieces. Build on experience from video production 1, completing all aspects of the production process. Projects will cover script writing, directing, three point lighting, multi camera shoots and advanced postproduction skills. Prerequisite: COM 210 Video Production I. Advanced.

COM 425
Storytelling in the Digital Age
4 credits

Explore strategies for combining message and mission to communicate with confidence and purpose in the internet age. Students will build on video and digital media production knowledge, and examine best practices for utilizing multiple channels in order to connect with audiences and articulate effective personal stories for practical application. Advanced.

COM 430
New Media Production II
4 credits

Expand skills producing new media for web and mobile channels. Building on learning from COM 230, deepen understanding of new media technologies , web, video and graphic design skills and learn to measure and respond to audience response, making work truly interactive. Prerequisite: COM 230. Advanced.

COM 440
Media as a Tool for Social Change
4 credits

Introduction to social media, and the ways that media messages can be used to create change for families and communities. Learn strategies for using media as a tool for organizing and facilitating social change. Project planning will allow students to put what they learn into practice. Advanced. Satisfies: Advanced requirement in communications for Communications and Culture and Production tracks.

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