Child Life and Family Studies Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2014-15 academic year.

CFP 420
Practicum and Seminar in Human Services
4 credits
A 150-hour supervised practicum in a human services organization and a bi-weekly seminar. Undertake responsibilities suited to site’s priorities and needs and students’ knowledge, skills, and learning goals. Explore organizational dynamics, community contexts, resources, and direct service goals. Open to students with junior or senior status who are completing Human Services minor program. Prerequisite: Completion of WLCE, CFS 340 and GPA of 2.0.

CFP 603
Practicum and Seminar I: Family Studies
3 credits
A 150-hour supervised practicum in urban or suburban settings serving children and families, ranging from early childhood home visiting, school, health or social service, center-based consultations or workshops, to program development and public policy. Collaborate as interdisciplinary team member. Participate in monthly individual and group supervision and seminar. Offered: fall and spring. (Open only to students enrolled in the Certificate in Parenting Education.)

CFS 240
Helping Children with Grief and Loss
4 credits
Explores developmental understandings of death and how children cope with grief and loss. Prepares students to help children with life-threatening conditions and to facilitate the bereavement needs of children who experience the death of a sibling, parent, relative, or friend. Prerequisite: HDP 120-123 or HDP 124-127.

CFS 340
Introduction to Human Services
4 credits
Critically examines relationships between U.S. public policies and human services across the lifespan in health, mental health, education and social welfare. Identifies occupations and practitioners’ roles, responsibilities and challenges. Explores partnerships that build upon clients’ strengths. Opportunities to advocate for social change. Course is open to juniors and seniors only. Prerequisite: HDP 120- 122 or HDP 121-123.

CFS 510
Child and Adolescent Mental Health
3 credits
Provides an introduction to psychopathology, DSM IV assessment, differential diagnosis and clinical work with children and adolescents.

CFS 520
Medical Ethics
3 credits
Examines different models of medical ethics, uses case studies, discussion, and ethical reasoning to examine decisions about healthcare options and issues. Teaches skills to help families decide about healthcare options and choices.

CFS 614
Perspectives on Parenting
3 credits
Examines topics including parenthood, adult development and caregiving, child-rearing practices, challenges for children and their parents, parents’ involvement in their child’s learning and the dynamics of family life. Parenting education materials and family support services explored.

CFS 617
Bereavement Care
3 credits
Examines theories about loss and bereavement and individual responses to various types of losses. Prepares students to provide bereavement interventions for individuals and groups.

CFS 618
Contemporary Issues in Child and Family Studies
3 credits
Introduction to contemporary and controversial issues related to the lives of children and families, using the ecological approach as a framework. Interdisciplinary faculty guest speakers select specific issues for analysis and discussion.

CFS 622
Issues in Death and Dying
3 credits
Explores developmental, cultural, ethical, legal, and clinical issues in death and dying. Prepares students to help families cope with lifethreatening illness across the lifespan.

CFS 630
Helping Children Cope with Stress
3 credits
Children’s coping skills, styles, and social support can buffer effects of stressors. Explores concepts of resiliency, risk, and vulnerability within a developmental framework. Stressors range from transitions such as starting kindergarten, to threats of loss through divorce, illness, or death, and contending with systematic barriers such as discrimination or poverty.

CFS 632
Cross Cultural Perspectives on Grief
3 credits
Examines cultural/global responses to illness and death including beliefs about death, religious rituals, and care of the bereaved in the community. Fulfills core requirement in multiculturalism.

CFS 737
Working with Parents
3 credits
Examines principles for organizing individual and group parenting education that builds on parental knowledge and responds to parental needs. Examines supportive, therapeutic, and educational models, materials and resources. Develops communication skills and leadership capacities to work with parents in school, healthcare, family support and home settings.

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