Course Catalog: Arts Courses

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2016-2017 academic year.

AMT 101
Introduction to the Arts
4 credits

Introduces the world of arts and the vocabularies of music, theatre and visual arts. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, offers opportunity to be creator, performer, audience member, critic. General Education: Creativity and the Arts. Introductory. Typically offered as a First-Year Seminar. Offered: fall only

Aesthetics: Philosophy of the Arts
4 credits

Explores the experience associated with art, and considers the nature of artistic expression and of creativity. Through reading of selected philosophical texts, pursues an understanding of how we produce, perceive, and respond to art. Field trips to museums or performances. Required for Arts Majors. General Education: Up-per Level Writing (after ENG 121) Intermediate. Prerequisite: ENG 121 and one course in the arts or philosophy. Offered: fall only

AMT 412
Internship in the Arts
4 credits

Offers professional experience in an arts field of the student’s choice. Provides a context for understanding the meaning of the arts in people’s lives. Placements for the internship are 150 hours per semester. Open to Arts Majors only. Advanced. Prerequisite: Arts Major, Junior or Senior Status, permission of department chair. Offered: fall and spring

AMT 499
Arts Major Portfolio
0 credits

Provides the means by which the Arts Department will record the successful submission of the portfolio required of all arts majors. Students should register in their final semester at the College. Pre-requisite: permission of instructor. Pass-fail only. Advanced. Offered: fall and spring

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