Academic Support Courses 2013-2014

The degree requirements outlined in this catalog are intended to be used for students entering Wheelock in the 2013-14 academic year.

ACD 305/505
MTEL Preparation- Elementary Ed Subject Review
0 credits
Introduces the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL). Test requirements are reviewed for each license linked to a current Wheelock educator preparation program. This one-session class goes over general test taking strategies, available resources, including test objectives and test prep classes.,

ACD 306/506
MTEL preparation - Early Childhood Education review
0 credits

Reviews content included in the Early Childhood Subject Test (MTEL). Includes test taking strategies and available test preparation resources. Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure. Early Childhood Exam. Pre- or Corequisite: EDU 437 and 327.

ACD 310/510
MTEL Preparation-Foundations of Reading Review
0 credit

Reviews content related to the Reading and Writing Subtests. Topics for review are directly related to the content in the test objectives for the two subtests that can be taken separately on different days or together on the same day in one 4-hour period. Pre- or Co-requisite: ENG 121 for undergraduates.

ACD 507
MTEL Preparation-Reading Specialist Subject Review
0 credit

Reviews the subject matter included in the Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure Reading Specialist test. Topics include introduction and test-taking strategies, reading development, assessment, reading instruction, roles of the reading specialist. Enrollment is limited to students enrolled in the master's program in Teacher of Reading. Prerequisite: RDG 618 Co-requisites RES 722 and RDP 609

ACD 316/516
MTEL Prep: Gen Curriculum-Multi Subject Test
0 credits

Reviews the subject matters related to the General Curriculum I: Multi-Subject subtest(MTEL) .Session topics address the content areas covered by the General Curriculum I test objectives including: Life and Physical Science; World, US American, and Massachusetts History; Literature and Language Arts. Undergraduates are advised to take ACD 316 and the General Curriculum I test by fall of the junior year.

ACD317/517-(7 sessions) and 318/518 (3 sessions)
MTEL Prep: Gen Curriculum II: Math Sub Test
0 credits

Reviews Mathematics content and test objectives related to the General Curriculum II: Mathematics Subject (MTEL). Pre- or corequisites: MAT 132 or 141 for undergraduates. Graduate students who have not passed this math exam take the Wheelock math diagnostic offered at graduate orientation.

EDU 335/RDG 535
Reading Theory and Practice
0 credits

Consolidates professional background in theory and practice of teaching reading in grades Pre-K - 8. Addresses core concepts and instructional practices including phonological and phonemic awareness, emergent literacy, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and reading assessment. Builds upon the professional knowledge developed in EDU 327 or EDU 337 or RDG 537. Candidates should take this course to prepare for the Foundation of Reading MTEL. Pre-requisite: EDU 327and 337. Pre- or corequisites: EDU 328 or 338. Or RDG 537. 

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