The Wheelock Compact

The Wheelock Compact is an expression of the common purpose shared between the College and its students. It is an agreement we make with each other to engage, connect, and act in ways that will inspire a world of good.

What you bring. You bring your passion and potential to lead and serve others. You bring your values and your desire to shape your own path. You bring your commitment to doing your best work, as you set your sights on changing the world.

What we offer. We offer an intimate, diverse teaching and learning community within a dynamic urban setting. We provide the academic grounding and real-world experiences you need in your chosen field. We are focused on social justice, engaged in the wider world, and committed to your success.

What you will become. You will become a more confident, knowledgeable, capable advocate for change, prepared to serve, lead and succeed in a variety of careers. You will value learning, growth and opportunity as keys to a sustainable society. You will inspire a world of good.

Student Success at Wheelock

inspire a world of good

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