Wheelock Strategic Plan: Learning, Leading, Innovating Together

An institution is only as important as its goals, and only as valuable as the steps it takes to achieve them.

A large group of Wheelock stakeholders began in 2011 to examine Wheelock's direction in light of a world undergoing dramatic change. We went back to Wheelock's essential core values, asking ourselves how we could deepen and expand our mission to improve the lives of children and families. We explored how we could better prepare leaders, practitioners, and change agents to be adept with new technologies and capable of making a difference anywhere in the world.

It was an extensive process of discovery that took months to complete. In fact, our primary institutional priority was 100% engagement with the process. What emerged, however, justified the effort. Wheelock now has a strategic plan that will help us reach the full measure of our enormous potential.

Foundation of the Strategic Plan

The vision driving Wheelock's Strategic Plan is for the College to become the leading institution impacting scholarships, practice, and policy in the service of children and families globally.

All initiatives toward that goal will be tied directly to Wheelock's mission to improve the lives of children and families, as well as the College's three core values: Student success is our success; Learning, leading, and innovating together; and Real world. Real experience. Real education.

The Strategic Plan calls for all initiatives to meet the following four criteria: Engage those that inspire a world of good; Educate for tomorrow's emerging world; Focus on collaboration, inclusiveness, and diversity; and BE BOLD.

Strategic Themes and Objectives

The College's leadership worked closely with the Board of Trustees to distill the Strategic Plan into the following set of themes and key, actionable objectives:

- Build funding and partnership programs.
- Clarify and strengthen organizational practices and operating efficiency.
- Create pathways for student success.
- Increase internationalization.

- Expand learning experiences beyond the walls (including tech-enabled learning).
- Prioritize strategic investments.
- Retain, attract, and support excellent and effective faculty and staff.
-Support academic excellence and increase rigorous learning experiences.

- Increase access and affordability.
- Expand grant development and management capability.
- Aggressively market Wheelock to the world.
- Align and grown undergraduate and graduate programs with workforce demand.

- Increase net operating income.
- Build endowment and reserves.
- Grow national and international enrollment.
- Re-engineer the financial model.

Boldness trickles down

The Wheelock Strategic Plan is clean, simple, emotional, and accessible to all. This is a plan that grew from the hearts and minds of Wheelock people and partners, not consultants. Our values have always been inspirational. But now it's time to pursue them pragmatically, with focus, energy, and a healthy skepticism for everything status quo.

There's a lot of change coming at Wheelock. Getting new technology onboard. Throwing old concepts overboard. Making Wheelock a global brand. It's all in the plan.

inspire a world of good

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