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Contact Beth Kaplan, Communications and External Affairs Manager, with any questions or comments related to service and civic engagement.

Inspired by its mission, to improve the lives of children and families, Wheelock College engages in scholarship and service that enhances the vitality of families, communities and societies.

Through active engagement and collaboration, Wheelock discovers capacity building techniques for achieving the collective objectives of communities and stakeholders. In recognizing this commitment to service, Wheelock is guided by three principles:

  1. The institutional mission: to improve the lives of children and families.
  2. The application of scholarship towards identifying areas of opportunity and collaboratively designing capacity building efforts.
  3. The integration of hands-on experience into academic programs with measurable benefits to students and communities.

Guided by these principles, Wheelock College's definition of Service and Civic Engagement demonstrates its dedication to realizing transformative change and rousing dynamic leadership in all members of local, national and international communities.

Institutional Definition: Service and Civic Engagement

  • Service and academic learning that are inspired through a committed relationship and collaborative dialogue between communities and the college. 
  • A belief in sharing goals and joint problem-solving in order to arrive at mutually beneficial outcomes for the enhancement of learning experiences. 
  • All efforts are focused on improving the lives of children and families in local, national and international communities.

Purpose of The Center

Housed under the Department of External Affairs and Community Impact (formerly The OGEA&SP) the Center acts as a central hub to coordinate dialogue and support events related to community service and civic engagement connected to Wheelock's values and mission. The Center connects with both internal and external partners, supports communications around service and manages data, documentation and measuring impact. 

Advisory Committee Role

The Advisory, comprising members representing all parts of the institution will support the work of the Center, cultivates ideas, provides guidance and ensures campus-wide engagement and visibility of service and civic engagement efforts that adhere to the institutional definition.

Member Responsibilities

  • Members of the Advisory agree to: 
  • Attend at least three meetings out of five per academic year
  • Act as an ambassador within the institution and specifically within their departments/offices, with colleagues and external connections about the work of the Center for Service and Civic Engagement.
  • Offer suggestions and feedback as needed to move the work of the Center. 
  • Attend service and civic engagement related events and encourage engagement around the institution.
  • Commit to at least one year of active membership. 

2014-2015 Meeting Schedule

All meetings of the Council are open to the Wheelock community and are held from 9:30am-11am on the following days:

  • Friday, September 12
  • Friday, November 21
  • Friday, January 30
  • Friday, March 20
  • Friday, May 22

Advisory Group Members


Marta T. Rosa, Oversight
Beth Kaplan, Staff
Nina Aronoff, Faculty Co-Chair
Shawna Melton, Staff Co-Chair


Felicity Crawford, Faculty
Lauren Thorman, CIPP
Brendan Russell, Academic Affairs
Lance Angell, IR
Jamie Boussicot, Student Life
Michael Fesko, Campus Services
Joyce Scott, Faculty
Barbara Rosenquest, Faculty
Roy Schifilliti, Administration, Institutional Effectiveness, and Innovation
Jacob Murray, Aspire Institute
William Thompson, Faculty
Devon Reber, Social Work
Megan Griffin, Athletics
Gabrieal Babin, Advocacy and Community Service chair of Alumni Board, ONCAMPUS Boston
Shirley Malone-Fenner, School of Arts & Sciences 
Donna McKibbens, Associate Dean of Education
Sara Mendez, First year student and Passion for Action Scholar

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