Electronic Signage Guidelines for Staff

Need to get your department's message across campus? Take advantage of the 16 screens strategically placed around Wheelock's Boston and Brookline campuses, all displaying useful information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in full color and high resolution.

Sample electronic signage

We can help you put your event, campaign, or bulletin on screens located in the Campus Center, the Dining Hall, residence halls, Hawes, the Library, the Activities building, and Wheelock Family Theatre where students, faculty, staff, and visitors pass through every day.

Digital signage is an easy way to get your message visually in front of the campus community. You can design your own content using our guidelines, or submit the requisite information and we'll design it for you.

Signage Requirements

The Marketing team can design signage based on content you deliver. The process is much faster and easier if you can keep a few requirements in mind when you deliver your content. Below are lists of what we need from you to create three different types of signage: One-Off Events, Notifications/Bulletins, and Special Occasions. (Download a printable version of these Signage Requirements.)

Please submit these materials by email to signage@wheelock.edu.

1. Event (One-Off, Multiple Listings, Ongoing)

Best Practices for Creating Signage

Here are some helpful guidelines for designing flyers and imagery that can be effectively used directly on digital signage. Remember that digital signage at Wheelock College exists in a variety of locations on campus. Viewers see each screen from slightly different angles and from different distances. (This guide was adapted from University of Michigan's Digital Sign Best Practices.)

  • Create your content in high resolution. The ideal sizing for an image to be placed in the right-hand side of the screen is 1440x1080 at 300dpi. This will ensure that your image appears clear on a variety of screen sizes.
  • Use large type sizes. We recommend not using anything smaller than 30 point type. We recommend using 60 or 72 point type for headlines and 36 or 48 point type for other content.
  • Ensure your type colors can be clearly seen against the background color of your flyer. Remember the flyer will sit in the signage template, so be conscious of the background color of the template.
  • When in doubt, consult the Wheelock Graphic Standards page for preferred fonts and colors.
  • Keep it concise. Your audience will likely be in motion when they glance at the sign. Avoid paragraphs and long sentences. Give a simple URL (web address) where viewers may find more information.
  • Keep your message focused. Have a clear call to action.
  • An image will add life to your content and distinguish it from others. Use relevant imagery. Avoid generic photos that could apply to any piece of information. One strong picture can do a lot of the talking for you.
  • Wikimedia Commons and Creative Commons Search can help you find images that are both high resolution and available for public use.


  • Luncheon
  • Student Organization Event
  • Movie Screening
  • Workshops
  • Info Sessions
  • Meetings
  • Panels/Speakers/Lectures


  1. High Resolution Image or Photo (300dpi is ideal)
  2. Title of Event
  3. Subtitle, slogan, or tagline;  max 140 characters
  4. Date, time, and location of event
  5. Brief description; max 50 words
  6. Link to more information (web URL)
  7. Date range to run promotion  (e.g. 11/13/12 to date of event)

    2. Notification/Bulletins


    • Website Launch
    • Services Offered
    • News Items
    • Weather or Safety Alert
    • Follow us on [your new Social Media page]
    • Honoring/recognizing student achievement


    1. High Resolution Image if available
    2. If not available, please give suggestions for imagery
    3. Title/Headline
    4. Subtitle (Additional detail), under 140 characters
    5. Brief description (max 50 words)
    6. Link to more information (web url); Phone number or email address to contact
    7. Date range to run notification
    8. Urgency - How urgent is this message

    3. Special Occasions

    Do you have an event or reason where you think you'll need use of the complete screen? For events such as Fall Open House, Commencement, and Orientation, we can interrupt the "regularly scheduled programming" with content geared towards a special audience. Please contact the Marketing Department so we can discuss how best we can support your event.

    Contact Us

    Please submit your request, materials, or any questions you have to signage@wheelock.edu. We look forward to working with you.

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