Connecting to Wi-Fi on Mac OS

 Mac OS X 10.6+
This guide for connecting to the Wheelock-FacStaffnetwork is intended for the Mac community.

  1. Open up AirPort by clicking the antenna icon in the upper right corner as shown below, and click on Wheelock-FacStaff.

  2. It will prompt for a username and password. Enter your Wheelock credentials (email username and password).

  3. If the credentials are correct, a check mark next to Wheelock-Students will appear and the antenna icon will display the wireless strength.

  4. Next a pop up box will ask you to verify the certificate. Click on show certificate.

  5. Check off the box that says Always trust "" and then click continue. After this you will be connected as long as you put in the proper credentials.


If you have any problems connecting to wireless, please contact Helpdesk at 617-879-2309 or submit a support request.

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