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The following is a list of things that while not necessary, a student at Wheelock College will find useful during their time here.

Laptop or Desktop Computer
Wheelock College provides access to a large number of public computers, but students will find it much more convenient if they have their own computer. The type of computer doesn't matter as far as Mac or PC, laptop or desktop. Both Macs and PCs are supported on campus and any modern computer/laptop will have enough computing power to handle a student’s academic needs. It really comes down to which brand you are more comfortable with and whether you prefer a laptop or a desktop.

The only requirement is that you have a current Antivirus/Anti-malware program installed on your computer. Your email system includes web versions of Microsoft Office, but these versions only offer basic functionality. If you do not find these web versions sufficient, you will want to purchase a copy of Microsoft Office. A list of recommended programs can be found on the software page. 

Flash Drive/External Hard Drive
Along with your computer, we do recommend that you bring along an 8-16 GB flash drive and a 500 GB external hard drive. Flash drives allow for easy transfer of files and external hard drives can be used for backing up computer files to prevent loss of data.

Ethernet (Cat5) Cable and Coaxial Cable
While Wheelock College does have wireless network coverage across its campus, a wired connection is faster and more reliable. 15' cables are recommended.

We do not support wireless printers on campus, but it is fine if you wish to bring a printer that will be connected to your machine through a USB cable. We do provide several printers across campus that can be used on a pay-per-print basis.

Do NOT Bring a Wireless Router
We provide wireless connectivity across the campus, and personal wireless routers are prohibited. If a wireless router is found, it may be confiscated.

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