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A. Access

Network Access to IT Resources is a privilege granted by Wheelock and subject to the terms and conditions of this Acceptable Use Policy and other Wheelock policies and procedures.

Unless otherwise restricted by Wheelock in its sole determination, Users will have unrestricted access to the World Wide Web and Internet.

IT Resources may not be used for an illegal purpose, including, without limitation, to access or download any materials in a manner that would violate law and/or infringe upon or violate anyone's intellectual property rights or other rights.

Users will comply with all pertinent state, federal, and local laws, and all Wheelock policies, procedures and rules.

None of the IT Resources may be used to attempt in any way to breach the security of the Wheelock network and/or any third party network.

B. Document Storage

All administration and faculty are granted centralized storage for documents, spreadsheets, databases and other files. This enables document sharing and collaboration. The Department of Information Technology will work with each division to establish a folder/file structure acceptable to the individualized work environments. Server disk space will be added, increased and maintained by the Department of Information Technology.

With this resource available it is crucial users understand the following implications:

  1. All critical documents, spreadsheets, databases, and files crucial to the operation of the College are expected to be stored on the appropriate department's network share. In most cases this is DRIVE G and/or DRIVE U which become available when you log on to the network. Files on these network drives are backed up nightly and archived throughout the year. In addition all files on these network drives are scanned nightly for computer viruses with the latest updated virus signature and virus recognition technology available.
  2. Server technology is more fault-tolerant and redundant than a common desktop computer. Power supplies, hard drives, motherboard failures are more likely to happen at the desktop level. Placing all documents and files on a standardized, backed up, virus scanned, network drive allows for safety and security in being able to recover these documents in case of minor and major disasters.
  3. All files and folders will be secured to the individual department's satisfaction on the network drives. This is not always the case at the desktop level.
  4. Operating System upgrades and installations will always be maintained by the Department of Information Technology. Wheelock Users should expect the most currently available technologies on their desktops and every effort will be made to get end users the best technology available. In any upgrade scenario, testing is always performed to assure quality assurance.
  5. Keeping files on network drives assures the end user and the IT staff that no crucial data is on the desktop computer. This expedites the upgrade process and keeps users downtime to a minimum.

C. Prohibited Use

Disapproved uses of the College's Information Systems include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Copying, distributing or otherwise using software or other material in violation of licenses or copyrights;
  2. Agreeing to a license or download of any material for which a registration fee is charged or other obligation is incurred without first obtaining written approval from the College;
  3. Downloading any software without prior, written authorization from Wheelock's Information Technology Department;
  4. Using Wheelock's computers and/or technology to disrupt Wheelock networks or the networks of any other users and any so-called "hacking" activities. Hacking, spamming, spoofing, attempting to break in, or breaking into any workstation, server, mass storage device, or ancillary hardware connected to the Wheelock network or any foreign network connected to the Internet by students, faculty or staff while connected to the Wheelock network is a violation of Wheelock policy and will result in disciplinary and legal action. Further, Wheelock does not condone, sponsor nor support such activity and holds no liability for any possible legal action brought against any student, faculty or staff found to be in violation of this policy by Wheelock or an outside agency or party.
  5. Visiting sexually explicit, offensive or otherwise inappropriate web sites, or sending, downloading, or disseminating material that is sexually explicit, profane, obscene, harassing, racially offensive, defamatory, or otherwise in violation of any College policy including, but not limited to, its harassment policy;
  6. Using the Information Systems to harass or annoy Wheelock employees, faculty, staff, students, or any other individual or entity;
  7. Disclosing or distributing proprietary or confidential information belonging to the College or any affiliated organization or individual;
  8. Using the College's information technology resources for gambling or personal profit, including solicitation of non-Wheelock business or conducting a business using Wheelock equipment. No commercial use, including without limitation, any sales, advertising and/or solicitation, may be conducted with IT Resources without the prior express written permission of Wheelock administration
  9. Accessing other employees' Information Systems without express senior executive authorization;
  10. Wasting communication systems resources by among other things, excessive personal use, engaging in computer games, mass mailings or chain letters, engaging in online chat groups, creating unnecessary network traffic by solicitations, commercial or personal advertisements, engaging in business activities unrelated to the business of the College, or any inappropriate use of the voicemail system.
  11. Digital File Sharing Technology. Digital file sharing technology has made it easier than ever before for individuals to make and share a large number of unauthorized copies of creative works such as music and movies. This is considered inappropriate use of the Wheelock resources and is an illegal practice. The Department of Information Technology will not support such software tools on Wheelock owned equipment and, if discovered, it will be removed.

D. Privacy

Wheelock makes reasonable efforts to support privacy and security for user accounts and workstations but cannot guarantee User privacy and/or security. As such, Users are advised to exercise caution when disclosing any information utilizing IT Resources.

The Wheelock Department of Information Technology shall have the authority to examine files, passwords, and account information to protect the security of IT Resources and Users.

All Users will respect the privacy of others. No User will attempt to access accounts or information other than his or her own.

Users of Information Systems should have no expectation of privacy in anything they create, store, send or receive through any of those systems. The use of passwords to gain access to the computer system, to encode particular files or messages, or to access voicemail messages does not imply that an employee has any ownership or privacy rights in materials sent, received or stored on those systems.

The College has the right, but not the responsibility, to access any material, and any user's computer files or voicemail boxes, at any time and without notice at the sole discretion of the College's senior administrators. The College also has the capability and reserves the right to monitor employee use of the Internet, including web sites visited and files downloaded.

The mere deletion of a message or file may not eliminate it from the system. The College maintains backup systems that preserve electronic communications that may be accessed and reviewed.

E. Security

Each employee is responsible for ensuring that use of the College's computers, including any and all portable devices, especially those including Internet access, does not compromise the security of the College's computer systems and networks. These duties include taking reasonable precautions to prevent intruders from accessing the College's network (e.g. logging off the network and securing your laptop before going home).

All material received on disk or other magnetic or optical medium and all material downloaded from the Internet or from computers and networks not belonging to the College must be scanned for viruses and other destructive programs before being placed on the computer system. In addition, home computers and laptops may contain viruses; disks transferred from home computers or laptops to the College's network must be scanned for viruses.

Employees should contact the Information Technology Department immediately if they believe that the security of the Information Systems has been compromised in any way.

F. Violation of Policy

Violations of the Information Systems Access and Use policy may result in discipline up to and including termination from employment.

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