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The Email Policy is applicable to all persons and organizations holding Wheelock e-mail user accounts, including, but not limited to, faculty, staff, adjunct faculty, students, guests, conferees and/or agents of Wheelock. This E-mail Policy supplements all other polices including the Acceptable Use Policy. It does not amend, modify, supersede, conflict with or nullify any policy currently in place with the exception of any policy expressly regarding the use of electronic e-mail.

This policy clarifies the applicability of law and of other Wheelock policies to electronic mail, one of the communication services on the Wheelock campus. It also defines policies and procedures where existing policies do not specifically address issues particular to the use of electronic mail.

The primary purpose of electronic mail is to facilitate the academic mission of Wheelock within the Wheelock environment, and secondarily, to provide electronic communication world-wide via the Internet.

All faculty, adjunct faculty, students, staff, and administrative personnel are required to use the Wheelock E-mail system. Wheelock e-mail is an official communications method at the College. Forwarding e-mail to another account is permitted but not recommended. To forward your Wheelock e-mail to another account, contact the IT Helpdesk. Accessing Wheelock Email off campus is available; please consult the IT Helpdesk for instructions.

A. User Notification

All valid email account users shall be notified of this policy and this document will be posted on the College's website. Logging onto the Wheelock network implies agreement to abide by this policy.

B. Privilege of Use

The use of our local network and the Internet for e-mail is a privilege granted by Wheelock to members of its community. It is not a right, and the privilege is contingent upon compliance with this E-mail Policy.

C. Compliance with Campus Policy & Law

All e-mail must be in compliance with campus policies as stated in faculty, staff, and student handbooks. Any use of e-mail which is in violation of stated campus policy or state and federal law shall be deemed in violation of the E-mail Policy.

Any violation of this E-mail Policy may result in curtailment or loss of e-mail privileges, and will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Violation of state and federal law may also subject users to prosecution by state and federal authorities. In any such prosecution or investigation, Wheelock will cooperate with authorities.

D. Privacy

The confidentiality of electronic mail cannot be assured. Such confidentiality may be compromised by applicability of law or policy, including this policy; by unintended redistribution; or because of inadequacy of current technologies to protect against unauthorized access. Users, therefore, should exercise extreme caution in using e- mail to communicate confidential or sensitive matters.

The Wheelock e-mail system is not a private communication network. Although it is not the common practice of Wheelock to access email accounts, Wheelock reserves the right to access and to review information transmitted or stored on its equipment with or without notice. Users should have no expectation of privacy in anything they create, store, send or receive through any communication via e-mail or other electronic communication method.

Passwords are only intended to prevent unauthorized access to e-mail. They do not grant implicit privacy rights.

Wheelock will not use this policy to infringe upon the confidentiality and candor of the teaching/learning relationship when the campus network is used for the transmission of course-related materials for instructional purposes. Email is legally the property, and thus responsibility of the College, therefore Wheelock maintains the right to see that all users comply with policy. Accessing or attempting to access email accounts other than your own, or attempting to breach computer or network security measures is forbidden.

E. Copyright

It is expected that use of e-mail will be in compliance with all applicable intellectual property laws. Employees shall not use Wheelock email systems to transmit materials protected by intellectual property laws in a manner that violates and/or infringes upon third party intellectual property rights.

F. Clear Identification of Users

Spoofing, misrepresenting your identity, or giving false or misleading email addresses, is forbidden. Mail originating from the Wheelock email system will be clearly and consistently identified as such.

G. No Solicitation and Distribution

Wheelock email systems may not be used for commercial purposes for personal gain including, without limitation, the sale, solicitation, and advertising of goods or services. Any commercial use of Wheelock email must be under the auspices of Wheelock and with the written prior consent.

H. Chain Letters

Chain letters are not to originate from campus computers or be forwarded through them. This includes the ever-popular "virus warning" chain letters.

I. Global Mailing

Global messages are those sent to all members of the campus community. Mailings on the campus email system are to be addressed only to those concerned. Thus global messages must be of concern, campus-wide, to faculty, staff, and students.

Global mailings should properly come only from administration, faculty, staff, and chartered student organizations.

Global mailings will clearly identify the sender by department or organization. j. Mailing Lists

If you subscribe to an electronic mailing list, you are responsible for determining the purpose of the list before subscribing. You will be viewed as soliciting materials delivered by the list as long as the material is consistent with the list's purpose. If you send materials to a mailing list which are not consistent with the purpose of the mailing list, you will be viewed as having sent unsolicited materials.

J. Spamming-Unsolicited Broadcast Mail

Broadcasting unauthorized messages or sending unwanted email is expressly prohibited. This includes personal announcements, solicitations, or use of email to harass, intimidate or otherwise annoy another person. This also refers to material originating from this campus but sent to other sites or persons on the Internet.

K. Termination

E-mail accounts will be terminated once the user's affiliation with Wheelock is terminated. In certain cases a limited extension may be granted.

L. Violations of Policy

Violations of this Email Policy will be referred to the appropriate adjudicating body of Wheelock. Email privileges may be suspended immediately pending review. Violations of campus policy will be referred to the Department of Information Technology. Penalties may range from warning, temporary suspension of email privileges, and suspension. Known violations of law will be reported to the appropriate legal authorities.

M. Procedures for Violations

Minor infractions of this policy, when accidental, such as consuming excessive resources or overloading computer systems, are generally resolved informally with the individual and the Department of Information Technology. This may be done through electronic mail or in-person discussion and education.

Any offense that violates local, state, or federal laws may result in the immediate loss of all Wheelock computing privileges and will be referred to appropriate offices and/or law enforcement authorities.

The administration of Wheelock retains the right to immediately suspend network access to users if serious infraction of policy is alleged, pending appropriate judicial

Any questions about compliance with this policy should be directed to Human Resources.

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