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Information systems are an integral part of the College's operations. Wheelock provides its employees with information technology tools-such as network and Internet access, e-mail and other electronic communications services, and desktop or laptop computers-as required for the performance and fulfillment of individual job responsibilities and service to the College community.

The intent of these policies is to provide a guideline for the appropriate use of computer technology, e-mail, Internet, and voicemail systems (collectively, Information Systems) when working at the College or representing the College in any way.

The following policies govern the use of computers, computing, hardware, software, networks and other information technology (collectively, "IT Resources") by students, teachers, resources, administrators and other members of the Wheelock College ("Wheelock") community (collectively, "Users"). As a User of these IT resources, you are responsible for reading, understanding, and abiding by this Acceptable Use Policy. This Acceptable Use Policy protects the consumers of the IT computing resources, and system administrators.

When making use of the IT Resources at Wheelock, we simply need to remember that resources are shared, that we are partaking in a community act, and conduct ourselves accordingly. Anytime you log onto a network, send e-mail or access the Internet, you are in a public forum. A computer or a network may seem very private and secure but this is not always or even often the case. The point of a network and the Internet is connection, participation in a far-flung community.

The College's Information Systems belong to the College and are for use in the College's business. As such no employee should have any expectation of privacy in its use. Limited personal use is permitted so long as the personal use does not (1) interfere with the employee's work performance; (2) interfere with any other employee's work performance; (3) interfere with operations of any communication system; or (4) violate any policy of the College. It is each employee's responsibility to use the College's communication systems in a professional, ethical and lawful manner in both business and personal use.

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