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"Phishing" is a term used to describe scams designed to steal your identity. Scam artists try to obtain your personal information—passwords, credit card numbers, account numbers, birth date, or other information—by impersonating a person or company you trust. Phishing can be conducted via email, websites, telephone, or even postal mail.

REMEMBER: The Helpdesk will NEVER ask for you to email your password or to complete an online form and provide your password. If you receive messages like this, please take a moment to forward them to and then delete the message. DO NOT reply or click any included links. This will allow us to research the potential threat and take appropriate action.

What We're Doing to Help Protect You:

  • The IT department maintains a filtering system, which limits the amount of phishing emails you receive.
  • When phishing attacks are identified, we proactively contact recipients and directly warn them not to respond to messages.
  • Campaigns such as this website and digital signage educate the community how to identify and respond to phishing messages.

How Can I Protect Myself?

Learn about security tools offered by your Financial Institution:

Test your ability to identify a phishing scam:

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