Elementary School Resources

This page provides you with tools for pre- and post campus tours as well as parent and teacher specific resources for your Elementary School student.

Financial Aid/Literacy
"It's My Life" Money (Students)
Offers tips on teaching financial basics to young people through topics such as earning money through first jobs and allowances, managing the piggybank, and understanding basic budgeting.

Financial Literacy - Families and Finance: A College Investment Plan For All Ages (Parents)

Money As You Grow

Stretching your Boundaries: New People, Places, and Things
"It's My Life" Family (Students and Parents)
Offers the topic of immigration or students to explore the different ways people immigrated to the United States, and discuss family histories.

America Responds: Nation of Many Cultures (Teachers)
Classroom assignment

KidsHealth (Students)
Educates elementary students about different kinds of doctors, therapists, counselors, places, and things that are used to stay healthy

Academic Expectations
Wheelock's Academic Advising Expectations

3rd Grade Academics: What to Expect (Students and Parents)

4th Grade Academics: What to Expect (Students and Parents)

5th Grade Academics: What to Expect (Students and Parents)

Elementary Student Resources for Academic Success (Students)

Brainpop (Students, Parents and Teachers)
Animated Education which helps elementary students discover and learn Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Engineering and Technology, Health, and Arts and Music.


A library of songs, videos and activities for K-12 online learning.




Read Write Think


Trash vs. Recycling (Teachers)
A lesson plan for students to learn how to cope with negative thoughts and actions. Trash and recycling discusses and links negative thoughts and actions to trash and gets "recycled" into positive thoughts and actions.

The Democracy Project (Parents and Teachers)
Lessons to teach students about democracy.

Student Driven Service Learning (Students and Teachers)
A lesson plan for students to discuss problems they know of in their schools, communities, and around the world. Then they will narrow down these issues, focusing on the one that is most important to them. Students will then choose a way to best impact the issue.

Activity Ideas for Teaching Citizenship
Student Voter Guide
Campus Vote Project

Ice Breakers (instructions)

Kids.gov: Jobs (Students and Parents)
A resource page for elementary students to learn about different kinds of careers

Paws in Jobland (Students)
An elementary online game to inform students of different careers with visuals

Princeton Review

Homework/Study Tips College Major Quiz

Road Map: Planning your Future
Big Future (Students and Parents)
Make a plan for your future. A step-by-step roadmap to college

Journey to College and Career begins in Elementary School (Teachers and Parents)

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