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June 21, 2011 - Increasing Access to Higher Education for Early Care Educators Who Are English Language Learners (ELL): A Planning Meeting for Higher Education Allies

A group of educators from Wheelock College, Worcester State University, and other two- and four-year institutions came together with the goal of increasing access to higher education for early care educators who are English Language Learners. Many of these practitioners cannot currently access the career pathways or professional knowledge that could improve the lives of their own families and of children in their care. In this meeting, we focused on ways to collaborate within and across higher education institutions (IHE) to support expanded access for education of linguistically and culturally diverse childcare providers.

We examined and discussed a case study of a potential IHE applicant and had a lively discussion that included the following questions:

  • What specific barriers impede access to IHE for early education and care providers who are English language learners?
  • What are the supports needed for early education and care providers who are English language learners in order to access, enroll, and successfully complete coursework and programs in higher education, including degree programs that lead to credentials?
  • What can IHEs do individually and together to reduce these barriers?

View the working materials from the planning meeting.

Read a Case Study presented at the meeting.

April 6, 2011 - Statewide Forum "From Knowledge to Practice: Increasing Access to Higher Education for Early Care and Education Practitioners Who are English Language Learners"

A meeting of early childhood education providers, faculty and staff from institutions of higher education, and representatives from agencies that work in the early childhood education field. The goal of this event was to identify policies and practices for promoting access to higher education for early care and education practitioners. The keynote speaker was Dr. Catherine Snow. Her presentation was followed by a panel of representatives from educational programs that are building career pathways for ELL early care providers and a working session for participants.

January 20, 2011 - Statewide Think Tank

Convened and facilitated first statewide meeting with Readiness Center Network representatives to assess statewide capacity for, interest in and affirm a definite commitment to jointly work to improve access to professional development opportunities and programs for limited English proficient practitioners;

Project Introduction: View the PowerPoint.

Topics discussed:

  • What do you see as the greatest challenges in the professional development of early care educators who are English Language Learners and those who teach Dual Language Learner children?
  • Are there particular research studies, or publications that would be helpful to our project?
  • Are there effective practices that you can share with us?
  • Are there particular people that you recommend we talk to?
  • Are there particular programs that you suggest we visit?

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