A Decade of Leadership, Innovation and Impact

Celebrating the Life of Jackie Jenkins-Scott

Peggy Fenner '63, a seasoned storyteller and CD producer, wrote and produced this story of President Jackie Jenkins-Scott's life journey. Click the Play button to listen to "Celebrating the Life of Jackie Jenkins-Scott."

President Jackie Jenkins-Scott celebrated her 10th anniversary at Wheelock College in 2014-and what a decade it's been. Guided by her visionary leadership, the College achieved exceptional growth in the last decade across every aspect of campus life during a time of great upheaval and challenge for higher education in America.

A Decade of Leadership, Innovation and Impact
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Notes from the Community

We asked current and former faculty and staff, students, alumni, community leaders, elected officials, members of the board, corporators, partners, and supporters to share their thoughts about her decade of service to Wheelock. Click on the names to see what each person had to say.

Current and Former Administration, Faculty, and Staff

Barbara Rosenquest, Associate Professor
Gordon Marshall, 9th President of Wheelock College
Hope Haslam Straughan, Associate Dean
Irwin Nesoff, Associate Professor
Jessica Reyes, Admissions Counselor
Joan Gallos, Vice President
Leland Clarke, Associate Professor
Mitchell Sakofs, Dean
Sandra McEvoy, Associate Professor
Shirley Malone-Fenner, Dean
Stephanie Cox Suarez, Associate Professor
Steve Aveson, Adjunct Professor
William Rodriguez and Ann Tobey, Associate Professors
Members of the Board of Trustees and Corporators

Steve Aveson, Trustee
Lisa McCabe Biagetti, Trustee
Ellen Dwinell, Member of the Corporation
Keena Clifford, Trustee
Sara Hosmer, Trustee
Thomas Kelly, Trustee
Robert Lincoln, Trustee
Lois Mirsky, Member of the Corporation
Theckla Shackelford, Member of the Corporation

Partners and Supporters

Eduardo Garrido, Director, Santander Universities
Kibebe Gizaw, President, McMillan-Stewart Foundation
Paul S. Grogan, President, The Boston Foundation
Yu-Foo Yee Shoon, Chair, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners

Community Leaders

Keith Motley, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Boston
Reverend Liz Walker, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian
Reverend Cheng Imm Tan, Founder, Asian Task Force against Domestic Violence


Steve Aveson '78
Robert Baez '09
Lisa McCabe Biagetti '80
Lauren Bird '14
Guillermo Caballero '14
Leland Clarke '75
Keena Clifford '68
Ellen Dwinell '61
Holly Dulac '80
Sylvia Earl '54
Barbara Elliot Fargo '52
Barbara Finay '50
Janet Gill '54
Sara Hosmer '93
Ivan Jackson '14
Priscilla Jeffery '71
Lois Mirsky '54
Mila Moschella '75
Jessica Reyes '10
Ruth Salinger '53
Carlile Schneider '78/'79MS
Sally Sloop '68
Elizabeth Wolf '54

Elected Officials

Michael Capuano, U.S. Representative
Thomas Menino, Former Mayor of Boston
Deval Patrick
, Massachusetts Governor
Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator

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