Wheelock Leadership Team

Interim Dean of Arts and SciencesDr. Detris Adelabu
Interim Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
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Dean of Graduate and Professional Programs Dr. Linda Banks-Santilli
Interim Dean, School of Education, Child Life and Family Studies
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Wheelock President David ChardDr. David J. Chard
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Wheelock College Vice President for Enrollment Management Adrian HaugabrookDr. Adrian K. Haugabrook
Vice President for Student Success and Engagement
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Wheelock College Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Anne Marie MartoranaAnne Marie Martorana
Vice President for Finance and Operations
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Dean of Student Success Mary McCormackMary McCormack
Dean of Student Success
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Wheelock College Dean of Students Barbara MorganBarbara Morgan
Dean of Students
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Jennifer RiceJennifer Rice
Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations
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Interim Dean Hope Haslam StraughanHope Haslam Straughan
Interim Dean, School of Social Work, Leadership, and Youth Advocacy
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