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Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Council

Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Council Contact

Please contact Julie Bolduc with any questions or further information.

Diversity and Inclusion Events

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Multicultural Resources

Read more about Wheelock's new Multicultural Center, Spirituality and Meditation Space, and Director of Multicultural Affairs.


To facilitate our vision for institutional diversity, the Council will:

  • Clearly define and publicize our commitment to diversity.
  • Create and sustain a campus climate of openness that appreciates diversity, and regularly assess that environment as well as procedures in place to address any challenges.
  • Suggest and facilitate new programs and efforts on campus around diversity as needed.
  • Increase and support sustained opportunities for academic research, scholarship and student learning from a diversity, equity or multicultural perspective and achieve greater recognition and representation among all members of the community, including but not limited to: racial, ethnic, cultural, sex, gender identity or expression, ability, age, religion, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation and other groups as defined in the employee, faculty and student handbooks.

Mission & Values

We are a private, not-for-profit college serving a public mission, which is to improve the lives of children and families. Our values promote that:

  • We are committed to being a dynamic, rigorous, and transformational learning, living and working community underpinned by theory, practice, research, and advocacy.
  • We infuse all we do with a focus on achievement, integrity, mutual respect, multiculturalism and diversity, and social justice with a global perspective.
  • We value the power of partnerships and collaborations to effect positive change for children and families.
  • We work to ensure that graduates view their Wheelock experience as a valuable investment that serves them well throughout their professional and personal lives.


Wheelock strives to build an exemplary educational community characterized by:

  • An intellectual environment that is both challenging and nurturing
  • Encouragement and support for curriculum and pedagogy dedicated to diversity issues
  • Commitment to social justice and equality
  • Respect for human diversity
  • Genuine appreciation and celebration of how the many commonalities and differences among us enrich our institutional mission

Note: All meetings of the Council are open to the Wheelock community

Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Council 
2014-2015 Membership


President, Jackie Jenkins-Scott
Chief Diversity Officer, Marta T. Rosa

Director of Human Resources, Michele Crews
Dean of Students, Barbara Morgan
Director of Multicultural Affairs, Jamie Boussicot
Director of Academic Assistance and Disability Services, Paul Hastings
Faculty Senate Representation, Cheryl Render Brown
Faculty Senate Representation, William Rodriguez
Faculty Representation, Grace Kim
Faculty Representation, Terry Meir
Student Advisory Council Rep., Sam Summers
At-Large Students Rep., Mynor Rosa
At-Large Student Rep., Carly Johnson
Graduate Student Rep., Amanda Schadlick
Public Safety, Jimmy Kambutu
Facilities Rep., Cloyd Osborne
Institutional Research Analyst, Lance Angell
Athletics, Stephanie Smyrl
Athletics, Dwight Datcher
Center for International Partnerships and Programs, Kayla Desnoyers
Executive Assistant for Student Success and Engagement, Yvonne Montilla
At-Large, ONCAMPUS Boston, Kimberly Sizelove
At-Large, Counseling Center, Eileen Thompson
Staff to Council: Julie Bolduc DeFilippo

Subcommittees (Membership on committees is open to all members of the Wheelock community):

  • Space Committee: Grace Kim, Brendan Russell, William Rodriguez, Kayla Desnoyers, Barbara Morgan, Jamie Boussicot, Roy Schifilliti
  • Statistics Committee: Julie Bolduc, Lance Angell, Michelle Crews
  • Diversity & Inclusion Training Committee: Michele Crews, Roy Schifilliti
  • Diversity & Inclusion Campus Initiatives & Programs Committee: Paul Hastings, Stephanie Smyrl
  • Implementation Working Group Members: Stephanie Smyrl, Jamie Boussicot, Carly Johnson, Mynor Rosa, Grace Kim, Cheryl Render Brown, Lance Angell, Marta Rosa, Barbara Morgan, President Jackie Jenkins Scott (Ex-Officio), Julie Bolduc DeFilippo (Staff)

Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Council Membership Appointment Process

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