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Wheelock is recognized for its ongoing commitment to promoting diversity among its faculty, staff and students. The College works to build an exemplary educational community that is characterized by:

  • An intellectual environment that is both challenging and nurturing;
  • Encouragement and support for curriculum and pedagogy dedicated to diversity issues;
  • A commitment to social justice and equality;
  • A respect for human diversity; and
  • A genuine appreciation of how the many commonalities and differences among us enriches our institutional mission.

Wheelock demonstrates its commitment by clearly defining and publicizing our commitment to diversity; creating and sustaining a campus climate that appreciates diversity; achieving greater recognition and representation of ability, cultural, ethnic, gender, racial, sexual identity and social class diversity among all aspects of the campus- executive, administrative, managerial, faculty, staff and students; increasing and supporting sustained opportunities for academic research, scholarship and student learning from a diversity, equity or multicultural perspective; and ensuring accountability and use of data for achieving diversity objectives.

Some Facts:

  • 33% of degree-seeking undergraduate students of known ethnicity identify as Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American, Asian, American Indian/Alaska Native, or Two or More Races
  • 30% of degree-seeking graduate students of known ethnicity identify as Hispanic/Latino, Black/African American, Asian, American Indian/Alaska Native, or Two or More Races
  • 33.8% of current students are first in their families to go to college per our documentation.
  • 3 out of 5 students say they frequently have serious conversations with students who are different from themselves in terms of race, ethnicity, religious, political or personal beliefs.
  • Nearly 30% of Wheelock faculty are African American, Latino, Asian-American and Native American.
  • Wheelock has educated students in Singapore for 20 years and had educated or trained nearly 25% of all early childhood educators in that country.

Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Council

Chaired by the President and Chief Diversity Officer, this Council comprises faculty, staff, administration, and students and is charged with identifying programs that can have the greatest impact on campus diversity and recommend how resources might be utilized and coordinated to achieve campus diversity goals.

Visit the Institutional Diversity and Inclusion Council web page.

Read a Boston Globe editorial describing Wheelock as "without peer in diversity."

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