Past Community Service Projects


Rachel Hess MS '09

"I wanted a program that incorporated hands-on experience within the curriculum."


Boston Higher Education Partnership
Boston Higher Education Partnership (BHEP) is a learning community that creates a culture of reflection and mutual learning and new avenues for collaboration for its members. Wheelock has 41 partnerships with local public schools.

Child Life Academic Summit
The purpose of this summit is to identify best practices in the education of child life students to promote and improve excellence in child life education. The summit also seeks to build partnerships between Child Life Council's leadership, clinical sites, and academic instructors that support child
life education, training, and professional development, and set an agenda to encourage critical thinking, research, and publication of scholarship in the field of child life.

ELL Access Project
Wheelock College received funding through the Department of Early Education and Care and the Massachusetts Executive Office of Education to work with the Massachusetts Readiness Center Network to examine the need for increased access to higher education for early childhood educators with limited English proficiency.

Science Learning Teams
Science Learning Teams provide a range of activities and supports designed to greatly improve science teaching and learning across school and afterschool settings in Boston and Cambridge. The teams comprise Wheelock College science and education faculty, school and out-of-school staff, and STEM professionals.

Wheelock Youth Symposium
Wheelock has convened two major Youth Symposiums, bringing together several hundred middle and high school students from public, private, pilot, and charter schools in Boston, Brookline, and Cambridge for a high-energy, daylong discussion about leadership, mentoring, and self-respect. The 2010 Youth Symposium, titled "Bridges to Our Future: The Next Generation of Leaders," was led by award-winning actor and author Hill Harper and legal scholar Charles Ogletree. The 2007 Youth Symposium, titled "Bridges to Hope and Understanding: Exploring Truth and Reconciliation," was led by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu.

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