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Seeking experienced educators to join the 5oaks Teacher Mentors.

5oaks Teacher Mentoring mobilizes exceptional educators to partner with teachers in their second through fifth years of teaching. Mentors are retired educators who receive specialized training and join a peer learning community in order to provide intensive, personalized support to new teachers. The powerful relationships that form between mentors and new teachers anchor the 5oaks program.

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Who are the 5oaks Teacher Mentors?

5oaks teacher mentors are experienced educators who have an interest in mentoring new teachers. Specifically, a 5oaks mentor is someone who:

  • Has 10 or more years of teaching or teacher supervision experiences;
  • Is committed to working with teacher-mentees 1-2 days (up to 10 hours) per week during summer orientation and throughout the school year;
  • Lives within or can travel to the greater Boston area;
  • Participates in a learning community with other mentors and Wheelock faculty and staff for 1 day each month during the school year and 1-2 days over the summer.

What are the responsibilities of a 5oaks Teacher Mentor?

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to him his own." - Benjamin Disraelli

5oaks teacher mentors are transformative change agents who establish trusting, non-evaluative partnerships with new teachers. Mentors support their partner teachers in analyzing and improving their teaching practices and effectiveness.

5oaks teacher mentors are matched with new teachers in the Greater Boston area. Each mentor works with one to three new teachers for at least one day per week. 5oaks Teacher Mentors:

Support Reflective Practice and Goal Setting 

  • Work collaboratively with mentee teachers to establish professional teaching goals.
  • Assist teachers to plan for, reflect on, and analyze their practice.
  • Conduct regular one-on-one meetings with teachers aligned to individual teacher goals.
  • Complete mentor and teacher reflective learning reports to capture progress.

Personalize Observation and Coaching

  • Provide weekly, on-site support to new teachers using a variety of support and assessment strategies focused on the teacher's learning goals and needs.
  • Observe mentees in the classroom and meet with mentees to provide support and feedback related to mentoring goals.

Facilitate Professional Development

  • Assist new teachers to identify instructional resources, additional support, and appropriate professional development in the school community as well as the district.
  • Facilitate opportunities for the observation of exemplary practice and model lessons.
  • Model, as appropriate, effective teaching methodologies through techniques such as team teaching, demonstrations, and simulations.

How are 5oaks Teacher Mentors supported?

New 5oaks mentors will join a strong community of current mentors - many of whom have belonged to the program since its 2011 pilot.

During the year, host school sites integrate 5oaks teacher mentors as professional colleagues, including mentors in school-wide professional development and instructional improvement efforts.All mentors participate in summer orientation, teaching and learning forums, and receive training in the 5oaks professional development curriculum for new teachers. Mentors join a professional learning community with access to free college and continuing education courses and other campus benefits. 5oaks teacher mentors also receive an honorarium of $1,200 per year.

What is the 5oaks Teacher Mentor Application Process and Timeline?

We are seeking 15 new mentors to join our current team.

  1. Application: Complete a brief online application by June 30.
  2. Interview: Mentor candidates will be contacted for interviews by July 15.
  3. Selection: New mentors will be notified of their acceptance on a rolling basis. All candidates will be notified by July 31.
  4. Training: Mentor training and orientation will occur in August.
  5. Matching: Mentors are paired with 1-3 new 5oaks teachers in August during the 5oaks Summer Institute.

Image of new teacher with books courtesy of Cath Boblet's flickr feed and used under a Creative Commons license.

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